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My name is Jan Sprinz, also known as NeoTheThird. I study computer science and political science at LMU. In the Ubuntu Community I nowadays mainly work in the UBports project to support the continued development of Ubuntu Touch.

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Munich, Germany


German, English











Personal Email

neo at neothethird dot de

UBports Email

jan at ubports dot com









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Meet me

I will be at Ubuntu Party Paris from 8th through 10th of May 2020. Come say hi, I'll be the tall guy who speaks way to little French :D. You'll know when you see me.


UBports & Ubuntu Touch

App development

Ubucon Europe Paris 2017

Ubuntu brand and community

  • Throwing proverbial rotten eggs at Marius Quabeck for switching to Solus (probably my most valuable contribution)

Ubuntu Desktop

  • Translations to German (less today)
  • Bug reporting (less today)
  • Support on AskUbuntu

While I'm not employed by the UBports Foundation, I'm sometimes reimbursed from community donations for parts of my expenses (eg. travel, accommodation, development hardware).

Future Goals

Of course I want to keep up my contributions to Ubuntu Touch! The dream of convergence and being able to run the exact same code on your phone and laptop is still alive, so the desktop-side of Unity 8 is probably my next field of contribution. With Mir-Wayland support improving a lot in recent releases, being able to actually use it for production does not seem that far away any more. The Phone, Mir and Unity 8 team did so much amazing work, it would make me really happy to see it being used more widely!

I'd love to learn more about snaps. I'll try to snap my own apps soon to get some more experience. It's an exciting technology, especially since it could allow us to get more traditional desktop applications on Ubuntu Touch in the future...

Another big priority for me is to make sure, that the UBports community does not diverge too much from the general Ubuntu community. That's why I'm lobbying in various parts of the Ubuntu Community to acknowledge the existence and relevance of UBports, and I hope to see that situation improve.

In the long run, I would really like to get into low-level- and kernel development, but so far I have been lacking time to really dive into that topic.


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Jan and I joined the UBports community around the same time in mid-2016. Since then, we've collaborated over various projects. Some of these include community management, the UBports blog, and UBports' move to GitHub. He's been integral to our documentation and always shows a desire to improve in his craft. The Ubuntu Touch website redesign that he's currently working on is simply amazing. I'm excited to continue to work with Jan in the future. -- universalsuperbox 2018-01-31 21:11:54

Jan is just all around a awesome person. He's super enthusiastic about Ubuntu and Ubuntu touch, and he has done amazing work helping doing the move of Ubuntu touch to UBports. He is also one of the core people in UBports, and is definitely one of the people responsible for UBports current success! Now he's also part of the Board of Directors at UBports. I really love working with him, and looking forward working with him in the future! -- mariogrip 2018-02-01 17:20:00

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