About me

Hey, my name is Jane and I'm a first year computer science major, in Los Angeles, who first started out with Ubuntu back when Warty was brand new. My main distro of choice is Gentoo, but I use Ubuntu on a casual basis and I've been using Linux since ~1996 starting with Debian.

I run Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Gentoo Linux 2006.0, FreeBSD 6.0, and Windows XP in addition to Ubuntu Breezy on hardware ranging from a 1.66ghz intel dual core Mac mini and an Athlon64 3500+ as desktop machines to a 450mhz AMD K6-2 laptop.

I'm pretty fluent in American English, Java, and C, and know bits and pieces of Korean, French, Spanish, American Sign Language, Braille, Ruby, Objective-C, C++, PHP, C#...*grin* Also, I have an interest in accessibility issues, in particular web accessibility and platforms considered "too small" for most of the major accessibility software/hardware developers, i.e. Mac and Linux.

If you need help, holler Smile :)

Things to do

  • Info on Korean input methods
  • Korean to English translations for ubuntu-ko

Contact info


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