Who is me? I'm an ordinary person in this ordinary world. My real name is not JangMunho. JangMunho is a Korean name, but I'm Chinese, with a little relationship with Korean. In fact, this name is only a joke when I first used it, but now, it is more often used than other names of mine on the Internet. Ubuntu gave me the first Linux experience. I remember when ubuntu 5.10 booting in my vmware, I was so excited, because it's so beautiful. But then I was faced problems, the mp3 files cannot be played because of the uninstallation of plug-ins, the vmware tools also cannot be installed for the header file is missing... After about half a year, I download ubuntu 6.06 from the website, and installed it on my old PC. I followed the instructions in the wiki, and it worked perfectly. But I didn't know how to make Windows and ubuntu exist in one PC, and my parents need the old pc to run Windows, I formatted the hard disk. This experience made me feel so uncomfortable that I made up me mind to install ubuntu in my new PC. ......(hasn't been finished yet)


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