Jason Cohen

I've been using Linux for about two years. I began using Mandrake and then moved up to Debian which I use on my server/Mythtv (mythtv.org) system. I run Ubuntu on my Desktop and try to provide as much support as I can on #ubuntu. I've also begun providing support on the Ubuntu Forums. I have quite a lot of experience setting up MythTV systems. My box has a 1/2 TB of storage on an LVM, 2 tuners and also is used to rip/encode DVDs to xvid with dvdrip. Feel free to ask me general questions about Ubuntu, Debian, or Mythtv.

Contact Information:

Email: <jcohen07 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

AIM: jc4485

IRC: My nick is jasoncohen and you can usually find me in #ubuntu and #mythtv-users

GPG Key: 9BEC42C1

Personal Information:

Age: 20

Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey

University: Brandeis University in Waltham, MA

Academic Interests: Politics, Philosophy, Law. If you ever want to discuss the latest political or legal headlines, feel free to private message me or send me an IM. I'm always happy to debate.


  • I regularly provide support on the #ubuntu IRC channel
  • I am a member of the Ubuntu New User's Network. We provide support to new Ubuntu users by giving 10 hours/week or more of support via IRC, the forums and mailing lists.

  • I have contributed to the Adding Repositories wiki by adding screenshots and clearer descriptions.

  • I provide support on the Ubuntu and Backport forums and try to look for dependency problems on Backport packages. I found dependency issues in Backport's Konversation and Firefox/Mozilla packages which were soon fixed. I've also discovered a kernel panic in Breezy as well as issues with the new usplash which have been resolved.
  • I have also created a new wiki page about the Multimedia codecs & Audio/Video software available in Ubuntu with screenshots, descriptions, and information about the reppositories & packages needed to enable multimedia functionality. See Multimedia Support

  • I also created a wiki page to facilitate adding the Universe, Multiverse, and Hoary-Extras repositories as a link off my Multimedia Support wiki. See Adding Repositories for Multimedia Support

New Ubuntu Users Guide

Adding Repositories

Multimedia Support

Adding Repositories for Multimedia Support


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