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About Me

My name is Jason Liquorish I am a 19 year old student from Nottingham, UK. I have been aware of Linux since I heard about Ubuntu around the time of the Hoary release when tried it out on a separate partition of my computer. Eventually I moved to using Ubuntu full-time just after the Breezy release, the rest as they say is history.

I currently run Intrepid on all my main systems although I also have a few machines with a more specialised requirements. These include my Linksys NSLU2 and Acer Aspire One, for these devices I use Debian and CrunchBang Linux respectively.

Community Contributions

Lately I have been making an effort to contribute towards the community more. Currently I am focusing on documentation, marketing, bug triaging and helping other members of the community, although I hope to learn about packaging in the near future.

Ubuntu-UK LoCo

I am a member of the Ubuntu UK LoCo and make an effort to get involved with the community where I can. I take part in discussions on the mailing list and in the IRC channel, and make an effort to attend as many meetings as possible.

Podcast Transcribing

In order to improve the accessibility of the Ubuntu UK Podcast the audio transcribers team was set-up to transcribe each episode. I felt this was a good way to give back to the community and make it more accessible to others. This led me to joining the group and I actively participate in the transcription of the Ubuntu UK Podcast by spending as much free time on transcribing as possible. I am also interested in other podcasts that wish to get their episodes transcribed by the team.

Launchpad Answers

I attempt to answer as many questions as I am capable of on the Launchpad questions and answers section. This being said I have found that I do not put enough time into this as I would like to, consequently I am attempting to contribute more time to this.

Wiki Pages I Help Maintain

External Contributions

As well as contributing to Ubuntu I try to help out other communities as well wherever possible. This section describes my contributions to any projects or communities outside of Ubuntu.

CrunchBang Linux

Since running CrunchBang Linux on my Acer Aspire One I have written up an extensive guide on how I accomplished installing and configuring the device on the CrunchBang wiki. Most of the information also pertains to Ubuntu due to CrunchBang being derived from it. I also hope to merge this information with the Ubuntu wiki page about the Aspire One although I have not currently found time to do this as the current Ubuntu page needs quite a bit of cleaning.


ServerGeeks is a community set-up to help others in installing, configuring and maintaining servers and for help with other related topics. While not specific to Ubuntu many of the members use Ubuntu for both desktop and servers so much of the conversation revolves around the usage of Ubuntu server. I am active within the community on both the IRC channel and wiki and I try to help out other users wherever possible, in addition to this I also write and edit documentation and guides on the wiki.

Other Areas

I would like to increase the amount of areas in which I contribute to the community and give more back. I have been attempting to give more time towards community contributions lately and feel that I have done well in doing this.

Areas in which I would like to be able to contribute to in the future are:

  • Bug triaging/fixing.
  • Packaging.
  • Documentation.


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