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  • (almost) no support for ATI graphics card + KDE desktop effects (fglrx doesn't work with Jaunty's xserver, bug 313027 , and there are reports of open source drivers being very slow).

  • New NVIDIA drivers (180.35) causes problems. Logout or shutdown from inside KDE does not work.


  • First of all thank you for another great alpha Smile :-) I'm really starting to love this jackalope hehe. I have one suggestion though: In my opinion the time zone thing in the installers looks well really improvable, how about combining the best of something like this: (basically the highlight idea) with the best of the current installer (continent-dropdown and city-dropdown box) ? If you'd like I'd be eager to help by for instance supplying images!! -- ANDREA54 (

  • I agree that the timezone selector looks terrible. It was the most beautiful part of the install, now it is the ugliest. I would suggest using the older photo from <= Intrepid, and only highlighting the area that is under the mouse cursor. - Dotan Cohen

  • Surely Kubuntu 9.04 wil get the best version ever. Latterly I read this post and I thought for me that everyone I know, who could be interested in using Kubuntu, uses too the live messenger. So it would be a great plus for them if Kmess would be a standard application. -Robert

  • What is the deal with Quassel? It's just too confusing, and I'm hardly a computer novice. What on earth are 'buffer views', why is the channel list called 'Buffers'? I really could not make head nor tail of configuring these. It also doesn't have automatic logging of channels, which I just take for granted coming from Konversation. It has this weird bug where the channel list keeps appearing and disappearing (beautifully animated, of course, but totally bizarre). Seriously, I can't understand it being a default choice.
  • The python change to 2.6 breaks some packages on my system. In particular, it wants to remove rdiff-backup (which I need), and python-pysqlite2 (which I think I need for development)
  • I updated from 8.10 using "update-manager -d". This worked without any immediately visible problems. One problem is that mysql-server was not installed, probably because installing this package requires user input and update-manager cannot handle this. I discovered that mysql was missing because the bootup time was 10 seconds longer than with 8.10 and the extra time was used idling by the mysql startup script. Installing mysql-server in synaptic fixed this problem. 9.04 seems to work pretty good. I have only one problem. But a serious one. I cannot log off, or shutdown from inside KDE. Trying to shutdown via the menu has no effect other than to make the system more unresponsive it seems. So I have to use the shutdown command in the console to turn off my computer -Viktor
  • The 180.22 nvidia driver is far more stable in my applications --phil
  • Sometimes KDM don't starts on boot and the shut-down don't works well. After fixing the bugs the most important improvement is and would be the speed and memory-management. KDE eats already too much resources Sad :( The last Gnome (2.26) for example runs like a charm with speed and memory-consumption. Honestly ... the speed and memory-consumption are FOR ME the most important points for the new KDE 4.3 Smile :) Bugs and Eyecandy secondary ... --scholli

  • Network Management is still somewhat messed up relative to Ubuntu/Gnome. For example, at my university (TU Delft) the eduroam wireless network uses 802.1X (Dynamic WEP) key management, and TTLS w/ PAP for the phase 2. I don't know if this is characteristic of all eduroam wireless networks, but if it is, it would make Kubuntu nearly incompatible with basically all university wireless in Europe. The Network Management plasmoid does not support 802.1x, and the trunk/playground page for the plasmoid suggests that it's relatively low on their to-do list. KNetworkManager, on the other hand, supports this configuration, but does *not* let you select it from their menu options. (More specifically, you can't set the phase2 authentication unless you kate ~/.kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc.) I think there may have been bug reports, and patches, for this behaviour of KNetworkManager in the past, but if there have been, they haven't propagated to the current release in Jaunty. ... I also want to echo what another user said above, that Quassel has an unintuitive UI for first use, but I don't think that the learning curve is too steep for your audience. -- chris-drostie 2009-03-07 14:06:42

  • Actually (recent Updates) "Jockey-kde" don't starts (Phyton-error). I had to install the restricted drivers manually. "Plasmaoids" aren't working with manual included inputs, because after every Plasma-Crash all inputs are deleted again. "Kpackagekit" don't starts as root. Checking for Updates I must use the Konsole. Any notifications if Updates are available! "Dolphin" is very slow after last Update - in root-modus it's superslow and crashes frequently. "Kwin"-Decorations in transparency makes the symbol and the buttons in a active Window transparent, too. Sometimes the whole system crashs completely, so I must do a hard Shutdown. Ctrl+Alt+Del don't makes a Session-Lock-Out as usual. I know it's willed, but I don't see any sense in it... Shutdown, Reboot, Session-Lock-Out, ... (in Menu) don't works... no reactions. So I must do it manually in a Konsole or with TTY. I'm happy I was able to write this without any crahes ... All in all, at moment far away from use it seriously. Wink ;) --scholli

  • Looking good, now actually using as my primary desktop with the 4.2.1 updates. However agree re the time zone selector in the installer - its terrible, I actually thought it was a graphic corruption bug first time around. Its confusing and more difficult to select my timezone (Brisbane, AU) than it was with the old one.
  • I tried to install using a 37 inches LCD TV as a monitor and all the fonts were TINY (i.e. 3-4 pixels tall). I had to edit /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc and change ServerArgsLocal, adding the option "-dpi 96". I see from forums around that many people are having problems with tiny fonts on different monitors, so it could be a good idea to bypass the automatic dpi detection.

  • Filesystem creation/formatting didn't work. I kept receiving messages about the kernel not recognizing the changes on the disk, so I was unable to install. BTW the disk was fine and I was able to partion and format it with fdisk/mkfs.ext3.
  • Also, a spacing widget is really needed by those of us who like having more than one panel. (If you move either the system tray plasmoid or the clock plasmoid to a separate panel, they expand to fill a whole bunch of space that they don't need.) There are some available at, but I'm not used to the cmake procedure and I don't think other people will be, either: it's much better if it's in the widget menu by default.(One of them even has .debs available, but only for the i386 architecture --_--;;) -- chris-drostie 2009-03-10 13:42:17

  • The time zone for South Africa is wrong. The location under system settings is set to South Africa and under the digital clock properties. There does not seem to be another way to change the time. It shows GMT +1 rather than +2. Personally I like the new time zone chooser though. --felixthecatholst-gmail 2009-03-10 13:42:17

Kubuntu with kde4 is looking gorgeous. My feedback just tells of a few quirks I ran into.

  • I am using an xorg.conf file. By default the computer uses this strange resolution in which everything is not on screen and I have to move the mouse around to see the rest of the screen. Of course, I change this "strange" resolution to a more sane one. However after a restart KDE starts with the same "strange" resolution and does not apply my "changed" screen resolution unless I start the display module in System Settings or start krandrtray.
    • You can set krandrtray to autostart in KDE and thus set the resolution at startup. However, there is a little delay after KDE starts, before that auto-started krandrtray starts so you actually see the switch in screen resolutions. Having to see that resolution change on every startup, especially as the desktop reorganizes itself after the change, makes this approach look unprofessional.

(If the resolution was applied after you log in but before KDE starts that would look much better.)

  • Qt Settings/Configuration does not seem to save its settings after the computer is restarted. (The only settings I changed in this were on the interface tab under GUI effects.)
  • I dislike the oxygen and ozone window decorations. When you open a window you can see that the title bar refreshes a few times quickly. (About two or three times) Even when switching from an inactive window to an active one it happens. It is aesthetically displeasing. They also seem to flicker alot while resizing a window.
  • I have 9 objects in my Home folder. When I open this folder in dolphin, dolphin constantly switches between having them arranged, 3 objects across, three objects down and no scrollbar (3 by 3) and having two rows and two columns with a scrollbar. It constantly switches as if it is unable to resolve which view to select.
  • The notifications that occurs in the panel disappear way to quickly. You aren't given time to read them at all.
  • By the way, there is a folder view widget on the desktop by default. Was the functionality of right-clicking and selecting copy intentionally left out?

Overall Kubuntu Jaunty seems fine. I look foward to the seeing how what the Final Jaunty turns out. -Sil

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