• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bugs!


  • Post known issues here
  • There are reports of the open source ATI drivers being very slow.
    • Be sure to not have Virtual size set to high and try with XAA instead of EXA; fixes it in some cases.
  • Nvidia 64 computer chipsets still cannot boot kernel without pci=nomsi option
  • Connection to non-broadcasting (hidden SSID) wireless networks with the network-manager widget isn't possible bug 330811

  • Qt shows repaint bugs with some but not all Intel Gfx Chips. Using EXA or UXA fixes them in some cases, but hurts performance, please report UXA here: is a similar bug. Where is the bug id for this one ?

  • Adobe Flash Player installer doesn't refresh Konqueror's plugins. Bug #349728.

  • Local hard disk drives aren't show in Kickoff. Bug #349757.

  • AMD64 Desktop installation fails (at least for me). Bug #350414. -- toni-helenius 2009-03-28 17:05:38


  • Seem static IP don't work, I had this problem with 8.10 I installed a fresh copy of 9.04 (I was upgrading from 7.04 so I thought was a good idea refresh thing) after some test I uninstalled Networkamanger stuff and manually edited interfaces and resolv.conf.
  • OpenVPN panel in Network Management KDE control module does not work. The GUI seems ok, but if you choose "X509 Certificates" your certs and key will fail to record your settings. Also in "Optional Information" "Cipher" "TLS" and routing are not fuctional. Related bug: Bug #351390

  • Jaunty test. I installed Jaunty over Hardy Heron without problems. I tryed to configure KDE with my favourite configuration and I had some problem to configure network card. Then, when I tryed to install new packages I had a problem with python2.6 package and this blocked any other experiment. May will be a good work if some critical package will be improved.
  • Now the beta is out It's good enough for me to using it. Unfortunately I already couldn't configure my printer, so printer-applet don't works. I can't find "printer" in system-settings or in Kickoff. It was forgotten? But it is a very important setting-applet. *solved with "system-config-printer-gnome" for meanwhile*. All in all the beta is quite stable and a milestone for Kubuntu.
    • PackageKit I never get updates-notifications after "refresh".

    • The search-panel on Systemmonitor is to small. --scholli
      • Fixed in Kubuntu 9.04 RC (with KDE 4.2.2).
  • oopsy at first hurdle - no app appeared in run app kde-update-notifier (nb using KDE4.2.x on 8.10). Running from shell gets process moving as described --putt1ck
    • new network manager widget didn't get added so network went from working to not working (put into non-techie experience) - and if it had been not so easy to recognise compared to old one; also didn't appear in menu when typing network in search box
    • page-up/page-down partial command line matching still not activated out of the box; as it was one of the features in SuSE that sold me Linux over Windows back in '01, kinda annoying it isn't there anymore (yes, I've heard is just a setting, but it is one that should be set by default as it is genuinely useful)
    • someone did something to the graphical stuff - lines seem cleaner? Like it anyway...
    • new splash screen beautifully understated
    • JRE not selected in OpenOffice (nb was already using 3.0 but this is now Ubuntu build from 090319)

  • installed flawlessly on my HP Pentium 4 HT with Intel graphics. Love the inclusion of Kpackagekit over adept. 3D graphics work perfectly right away. So far, a very nice desktop!
  • Personally I don`t like:
    • that all the panels like the one in Dolphin are unlocked by Default.
    • that switch by hoover in K-Menu isn`t Default.
    • that the windows doesn`t remember their height.
    +1 in this three points. (I am totally agree with you).
  • While installing from LIVE-USB-stick the installer tells me that a /dev/sdb is mounted and if I wanted to install, I should unmount. The options are "Weiter" (continue) and "Zurück" (Back). This is very confusing. I was not sure what happens. I believe that the button "Zurück" (Back) means it will unmount the drive and then it should be named that way "Unmount". BTW: The dialoge is not translated into German.
  • Had the same issue with LIVE-USB-stick install (on an Asus Eee Box B202) as above. "Weiter" (continue) does not work, you keep getting the same dialog box. Only "Zurück" (Back) continues with the installation (not showing the USB-Drive in the drive list, so this seemed to have been the actual "continue anyway" button. Anyway, after that the installation went through smoothly and so far the system seems to run ok. Even suspend to ram works! Have one little problem: there don't seem to be any ndiswrapper packages on the live CD, so I could not set up my network connection. Will have to hook up a cable to go on installing. BTW: good thing, that the task bar has the 'auto hide' feature implemented again in KDE 4.2. I missed that in Kubuntu 8.10 which was actually the main reason, why I skipped 8.10 completely. The function doesn't seem to have an adjustable hide time, yet, but as the default value (at once) is my preferred value anyway, that is ok for me! -cIdde
  • Shutting down the live-CD I get a message telling me that some sessions (textconsoles, the ones you normaly read throuch <ALT>+<Fx> x=1,2,3,4...

  • After starting the installed Beta, I get the notification that there are updates available. When I want to apply them I get told that I do not have the necessary rights. I am not asked for a password
  • X-server still does not start/ crashes when a second monitor is attached. Works when I detach the second monitor.
  • Sound does not work. I get a message after starting that my Intel ... does not work and that it is switching to. Then I get a message with says me what to do about it, but I never see it again. So I can not fix it, could not find anything by googling about it. I have a Thinkpad R50e
  • I used update-notifier-kde -d to upgrade from Intrepid and it worked perfectly. I would have liked to be able to select a faster mirror instead of the default one. -- brunoqc 2009-03-28 05:49:41

  • When removing a package with kpackagekit, the policykit dialog look like GTK. screen capture -- brunoqc 2009-03-28 07:16:58

  • I really like they way the Qtcurve theme is used for GTK+ apps now. It really helps integrate with kde4 better than oxygen using gtk-qt. Is it also possible to configure kde3 applications to use the new Qtcurve? I tried looking for it, but it wasn't in the repositories. -- Abhinay Mukunthan
  • Installation was almost flawless on Sony Vaio FW31J. After updates, the restricted driver (fglrx) for my ati card was available, and now 3d (cube effect etc) work great! On the whole, jaunty is a massive step forward for kubuntu!
    • Small issues: marble crashes immediately after startup.
    • Window resize is very, very slow.. (can't figure out why, for fglrx seems to work perfect (3d apps etc.)
  • upgrade from 8.10 works pretty well. Very nice integration of kde4.2. New plasmoid for KTorrent is a good idea but display only informations about one torrent file : a summary of all torrent can be better. The task bar can be replaced with plasmoid (sound, klipper, ...). Organization of the bookmarks in kde menu cannot be user-defined yet. System seems to be stable even with manually installed NVidia driver (why the lastest version of NVidia driver is not in pre-compiled package ?). Pretty good for Dell 1530 laptop.
  • Is here any possibility for change the Icons in OpenOffice and maybe in K3b, too with the default Oxygen ones? I miss the consistent with the rest. Overall in OOo. -scholli

  • 3D rendering really slow compared to KDE-4.2.x on Ibex. I'm using Intel 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller. -ari197-
  • Network Manager Plasma only shows a short list of access-point, Can't find a way to access the one at the bottom. -ari197-
  • Little/no documentation on how to create "Mobile Broadband" connection on Network Manager -ari197-
  • Worse Xorg performance (30% CPU usage at idle) -

  • <--- It's true (confirming). My Notebook (intel 945gm) is very slow with 3D. --scholli

  • KDE4 desktop icons positions not saved
  • Kontact doesn't save the column widths of KMail folder views.
  • Desktop/panel freezes when wireless network drops Info (!) -

  • Magic Hands corrected many many things with problems. Search-panel in Systemmonitor is good now. Printer is in Systemsettings. Notifications on Tray are working. Kwin makes symbols and buttons *not* transparent. Nvidia with 3D works fine and without crashes. Shutdown and Session-log-out is working. Reboot I think not at all ... Thanks for the fast great work! [EDIT: *not* - sorry for confusion.] --scholli
  • I think OOo is not fixable (Icons-consistence) at moment, so it's on KDE3-mode for stable-reasons. Hope it can be fixed in a near future. K3b is on work. I read it. But this is not related with Kubuntu/Jaunty and can be seen more like a wishlist for the future I want see in Kubuntu. -- scholli
  • This is not directly related to this exact version of beta/alpha, but a general remark on this page. I think it would be quite useful for testers to have a better template for this page. One which has different sections like "installation", "Application issues", "Performance", "Startup", "Hardware", "Xserver" and what so soon, column for which version is tested, one for the link to the bug-report (which may be has been done), one very other users can add "me too" and one were developers mark it as registered. of course this page should stay simple and easy, but on the other hand the way it is, I find it quite confusing and I am never sure, if things have been taken care of.
  • Please, disable the shadow of KDE 3 applications; for a consistent appearance. Also include and enable, by default, a KDE 3 port of Kubuntu 9.04's KDE 4 color scheme: Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope).

  • Three additional points:
    • I miss some screensavers. I installed the kscreensavers, but the most of them haves errors.
    • Systemsettings/Personal-Informations: I can't choose my own image. Maybe it need a PolicyKit-Fix.

    • I hope we don't have a total Artwork-Freeze. The perfect wallpaper for Kubuntu/Jaunty is here: --scholli

  • GTK apps launched as superuser are unthemed (Bug #351874). --usr.

  • "Configure file sharing" button doesn't do anything (Bug #352358). --usr

  • Well I have an NVIDIA chipset (GeForce 8400M G, driver version:173.14.16) on my laptop, and KDE is soooo slow it's really impossible to use it. GLX works fine, gnome runs very fast, but even simple actions in KDE (moving a window, scrolling etc) take a second or more to perform. I keep seeing bug reports for ATI and Intel cards, but I have the same kind of problems with my NVIDIA.

  • The error message for Ark when trying to extract from rar without unrar installed reads: "Ark returned the error" " without mentioning unrar not supported. Besides that great release. --Felix-Holst

  • Kickoff (Kicker) is after last updates (2.apr.) strange. Click by kde-start-here open it - click on the desk don't close it? It's closing only if the cursor on the search-panel (in Kicker) is blinking!
    • Notebook with Intel 945gm and 3D the performance is finally well. --scholli
  • The performance is amazing now that I got it installed. It starts up in just few seconds and the effects work. Just few broken things here and there. Nothing major. I'm missing screensavers too -- toni-helenius 2009-04-02 07:40:21

  • Problem with non standar characters at KTorrent (Bug #353894).

  • Desktop effects + ATI X1400 + radeon driver locks up machine. Curiously, hald-addon-stor is taking 50% of a CPU. (Bug #334066)

  • Updated from 8.04 using the script. No major problems, except:

    • Japanese input method doesn't work. I did System Settings->Regional & Language->Select System Language->Japanese, which installed some language packs. However, the scim daemon is not loaded at startup, need to do "scim -d &" manually.

    • Had some conflict issues during updates (similar to Bug #345776) --tuomask

  • My 2¢... kubuntu-rk

  • Bugs
    • deborphan outsputs the same list of packages independant of command line options, rendering it completely useless.
    • my ethX was renamed during update to eth2 (seems the last update already moved it to eth1...)
    • libpam_mount doesn't work anymore - it doesn't decrypt the password from the keyfile anymore without any indication why and any documentation on what was changed, so impossible to update
    • under heavy network load, graphics starts to detoriate: windows shown in the task bar start to have only an icon, only a frame or nothing at all, clock, program icons, tray icons etc start to disappear when being repainted; on konsole, text in certain color combinations won't be shown (but same font in different color is), starting a new konsole doesn't fix it, but only stopping all konsole windows and then starting a new one. Same is true for plasma, killing and restarting it fixes the issues for a while. Graphics: nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce 6600] using nvidia proprietary driver.

    • ktorent is annoying by constantly reordering entries in list, e.g. it erratically reorders finished files (if sorted by % or time remaining, I'd naively expect them to stay in the order finished, or at least not change the order without any reason).
    • The wheather forecast plasmoid, ...
      • when put into the taskbar, forgets its location city (and re-sets it to "PopupApplet").

      • when put into the taskbar, is too low, so the lower part of the icon shows up on top of the screen.
      • when not changing "PopupApplet", immediately crashes plasma when "Ok" is clicked.

      • shows less information in the popup compared to previous kwheather.
      • when put onto the desktop, overwrites the temperature with the location (unless one makes the plasmoid as wide as the screen). Mine happens to be listed as "Paderborn-Lippstadt International, Germany"...
      • ... is not translated.
      • ... always shows two icons. When on the desktop, one resizable left of the forecast/details, and one different fixed size one always showing sunshine in the top-left corner.
  • Packaging issues:
    • kdelirc is completely missing in jaunty. Showstopper for me, as I'm using a remote control for controlling media playback on my computer.
    • amarok2 and not shipping "old" amarok at all is repeating the same mistake of shipping an incomplete product again, just on a smaller scale
  • KDE issues:
    • The "system monitor" plasmoid does not show any activity at all. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to figure out which package contains which plasmoid as the name is not displayed properly nor always corresponds to the package name. (Seems to be "plasmoid-cpuload".)
    • no configurability on what is supposed to happen with newly added devices. And no, the "Device notifier" applet doesn't cut it, as I can't configure anything there. And it keeps listing all my non-automatically mounted partitions (i.e. almost all of my partitions). Also, no automatic playback of e.g. DVD.
    • in konqueror, the URL bar does not expand properly. So it is impossible to have it resize depending on the amount of buttons left of it currently active. Very inconvenient as it is either wasting space or not showing all buttons.
    • the extras -> HTML settings menu... shows something. Whatever is marked there doesn't seem to have any relation to the actual state of the shown flags. In particular, JavaScript is frequently shown on when it is, in fact, switched off. There are also issues with JavaScript _not_ being enabled even though it was configured that way.

  • cron segfaults reproducibly when executing user crontabs when libpam-mount is installed; as this also happens with libpam-mount 0.41, it probably is a bug in libpam. [ #0 0x00000000 in ?? () #1 0xb7cabf5c in pam_sm_open_session (pamh=0x0, flags=32768, argc=0, argv=0x986ce80) at pam_mount.c:493 #2 0xb7fbd3b1 in _pam_dispatch (pamh=0x9868e08, flags=32768, choice=4) at pam_dispatch.c:108 ] -> another showstopper

  • .. that's it for today. -- kubuntu-rk 2009-04-04 15:16:32

  • Jaunty now is able to start KDE with latest updates. But there is still a serious bug (which should be easy to fix, since it since to be just a two coordinates mixed up) with a dual monitor setup. It is reported here: So far now reaction from KDE-people. Would be great if the Kubuntu team fixed it.

  • If you install Firefox, which I assume most people who use Kubuntu do: Mailto: Links do not lead to Kmail and it is not even offered. Also: RSS-Feeds can not be added to Akregator from Firefox. Please, please fix this before the release!
  • Serious bug in Akregator:

  • I put the panel above and moved the "folder-view"-Plasma to another place. Every restart or log-in "folder-view" is again above-left and under the panel. Conclution: "folder-view"-Plasma don't remember his position!? --scholli
  • This release looks very promising : we see how much work has been done since Intrepid, especially on KDE. I'm surprised to see how stable it is especially 3 weeks before release ! However there are few things I really regret in this release currently :
    1. Unable to play any audio CD with the default tool. Actually I had to install Kaffeine from the Universe repos because it's the only tool that properly reads CDs currently, although it has some bugs. Additionnaly KsCD is ugly and thus does not detect any CD !!! Please go back to the old KsCD which was really much better ! Amarok 2 does not read CDs either but it would be really nice that the folks implement it because it's still a key feature in an audio player.
    2. The address book is currently broken in Kontact in case at least your first contact has several email addresses. Submitted a bug about this :

    3. OpenOffice looks very ugly. Is it possible to set up a real KDE4 integration ? Currently it has a KDE3 look and feel, and well... it's pretty within KDE3 but not in KDE4 at all.

  • My System is in German, but now the most is in English again. Last updates trouble with nvidia-180.44! I have errors outside the window. Look screenshot: --scholli

  • I like the new look (from 8.04) and like the fact you now get prompted to install things like the codecs when you first run a multimedia app - this should avoid lots of frustration for people. I don't like the fact that the Konsole has lost the close tab 'X' on the tab it self, going through the file menu is a backward step --peterroots
  • On IBM T43p: installation and in general very fine, congratulations! However, no proprietary graphics drivers offered (fglrx via envyng worked flawlessly in 8.04, not in 9.04 beta) and strigi / nepomuk seems not functional: nepomukservices segfault, which could be remedied by ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/i386/client/ /usr/lib/, strigi indexes, but results do not show up in krunner, only when using strigicmd. -- rfh 2009-04-06 14:25:34

  • One big positive is that I can now get the Live CD to run on my Sony Vaio PGG-FX370P, which has an Intel graphics chip. In the alphas I checked prior to this, the KDE desktop would fail, often with quite spectacular effects. So that is a big plus. However:
    1. As I reported in one of the alphas, the time zone picker during install has some issues. You can choose India at all, and after I did try to choose it, it seemed as though things were off by one zone. When I selected New York (where I am) from the city page, the zone it highlighted was the one immediately to the east of here: the Atlantic zone.
    2. When the package updater was done (and here I should mention that I am running on a very old, slow computer, a Sony Vaio PCG-XG19) at the end it throws an error, claiming something about a synchronous process in the backend took too long. "You need to fork", it said. This notwithstanding, it seems to have installed everything.
    3. After running the update, restarting, and logging in again, I am not seeing the Desktop folder plasmoid on my desktop. I saw this happen once before and wasn't able to get to the bottom of it. I will look into it more and see if I can file a bug.
    4. Can you please, please include the konqueror-plugin-akregator part of the default install?! It makes no sense to have Konqueror be the default browser and akregator be the default rss reader without the tiny (135k) piece of code that allows newsfeeds to be added to akregator from the browser. -- mgolden 2009-04-07 03:18:01

  • Amarok's intergration is broken:

  • More comments:
    1. The progress bar on startup is an improvement, except for one thing - it gets too dim when it is all the way over to the right. It is basically the same color as the background, and so you can't really see the progress.
    2. I see that the reason the Desktop folder plasmoid failed to reappear is that something caused its entry in the ,kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc to somehow glue together with the configuration section of the notes plasmoid. (I will see if I can reproduce this and then file a bug.)
    3. I was unable to download and install the nixie tube clock plasmoid. I will look further into this as well. -- mgolden 2009-04-08 02:19:06

  • A few more comments:
    1. When I log out (i.e. without shutting down) I don't get the login screen. It seems that X just dies and doesn't restart.
    2. When I hibernate, the machine restores quite nicely, but won't connect to the net. This may be because I am using a very old machine that does not have on-board ethernet, but rather uses a PCMCIA card. I will file a bug on this. -- mgolden 2009-04-08 02:33:49

  • Possible memory leak ? I'm quite a lazy guy, so I mostly just put my notebook on suspend. After a few days, I see that my swap usage is quite high. I'm mostly use KVM, firefox, kopete and kate (plus kaffeine every now and then). -ari197
  • Translation since 2 weeks was well (German). Now it's a chaos again. Important for the Final-release is a complete translation in different languages.
  • Dolphin and the "folder-view"-Plasmaoid already don't remembers their positions.
  • Kicker - regression to old behavior would be nice. -- scholli
  • Had 2 problems on my dv7 1183 notebook after upgrade to 9.04:
    • Sound got stuck on startup. It keeps ringing what was suposed to be the intro song. I have altec lansing speakers
    • pppoeconf and kdenetwork wouldn`t detect my ethernet anymore, which is a Gigabit 10/100/1000
  • When I use two wireless devices the Network Manager widget tries to connect both devices and you try to disable any of them the result is that both wifi devices disabled. Also Network Manager don't provide any detailed connection information screen, which is helpful if you want see the connection properties. -gmarinel

* I have been constantly upgrading now from Beta and everything is improving: Sound is working now, the screenpaint bug still exists, but it is not so much, there only a very few crashes, compared to when I installed beta. The most annoying things is a total system block from time to time where I have to turn of my machine and reboot. No indication what happened. Apart from that the most annoying thing are several bugs around small icons and fonts (which I am used from KDE 3.5.: A too big border/ too much space around small icons/smaller fonts everywhere, the obviously non saving of a small icons setting in all KDE apps. When I set the icons of the toolbar to small, it will revert to the default, often the next time I start it. # Aha, I forgot, the most pain: Xorg is eating up nearly 50% of CPU capacity. That is far too much.

* I can confirm this behaviour. The system will lock up and freeze the screen or the the screen goes black, leaving me with no option but a hard-reset. Usually happens when I start a random application. See bug report: (Bug #351990).
I can also confirm the problem with X eating up 50% of the cpu-time. Ati Radeon 9600 Mobility M10 (RV350) card using the radeon driver and kwin's compositing effects enabled. -- gobnuts 2009-04-20 17:33:01

* Can't select wallpapers on desktops without wallpapers after allowing perVirtualDesktopViews

  • Used System Settings -> Desktops -> Multiple Desktops to set 4 desktops

  • Chose a wallpaper for Desktop 1 (right click on desktop -> Appearance Settings -> Wallpaper)

  • Configured plasma to allow individual desktop views (added following to ~/.kde/share/config/plasmarc

  • Restarted KDE (logout -> login)

  • Desktop 1 has the previously selected wallpaper; right clicking on this desktop allows selecting a new wallpaper
  • Desktops 2 - 4 have no wallpaper (black background); right clicking on these desktops has no effect (no menu appears)
  • I have a lot of problems with the resolution, and the desktop effects are slow (I use ubuntu in the same computer and I don't have problems with compiz).
  • The position of the plasmoids is not saved

* Cannot install "sun-java6-jre" package through kpackagekit. It gives an unknown error saying "sun-dlj-v1-1 license could not be presented try 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' to select a frontend other than noninteractive". It can be installed by command line in the console (sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre). -- fmfdias 2009-04-15 13:55:21

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