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== All pages == === All pages ===
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   * I spoke with Colin about this and we do not want to maximize the window as we want to encourage people to use the facilities of the live CD, however we will still plan to fullscreen the window when in only-ubiquity mode -- EvanDandrea
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== First Page (Language Selection) == === First Page (Language Selection) ===
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== Second Page (Time Zone Selection) == === Second Page (Time Zone Selection) ===
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== Third Page (Keyboard selection) == === Third Page (Keyboard selection) ===
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== Fourth Page (Partitioning) == === Fourth Page (Partitioning) ===
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== Fifth Page (User setup) == === Fifth Page (User setup) ===
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== Last Page (Summary Page) == === Last Page (Summary Page) ===
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== Install process == === Install process ===


Unimplemented usability tasks from previous specifications, as well as some new usability tasks, will make Ubiquity accessible to even more users.

Release Note



Over time a number of usability issues have been discovered in ubiquity. Some of these were previously planned to be fixed, but time was not permitting. Other suggested fixes are new or are progressions from recently developed functionality.

Use Cases


* Scott finds the timezone selection widget to be difficult to use.




Investigate porting the new language selector widget from oem-config's GTK frontend to ubiquity. Unlike oem-config's language page, most of the text on ubiquity's will need to remain, however some space might be found by getting the labels to expand properly.

Where are you?

Replace the timezone selector with the one proposed in UbiquityVisualRefresh and make sure that, unlike the previous iteratoration, it's placed in a frame.

Modify the "Selected city" menu to display time zone areas and branch out to individual time zones. This can be accomplished by developing Python bindings to GWeatherTimezoneMenu and using that, or porting the relevant code for pop-out menus to Python.

Keyboard layout

Radio buttons for "suggested option" and "choose your own" will be added to the keyboard selection page to ease the confusion of selecting a keyboard when there are many variants as originally part of HardyUbiquityUsability.

A "Calculate layout..." button will be added to the right of the keyboard layout test input box. This will match the functionality already found in debian-installer.

Prepare disk space (automatic partitioning)

The resize widget will be removed and functionality to replace it will be developed for the SegmentedBar widget that was developed for Intrepid.

A warning will be added to the "use entire disk" option that indicates what operating systems will be lost if the entire disk is formatted. Care will need to be taken to ensure that this string can be translated.

The "Guided" and "SCSI1 (0,0,0)" portions of the labels will be removed.

The labels on the SegmentedBars will read "Ubuntu 8.10 (/dev/sda5) \n 5% (3.0 GB)" instead of "/dev/sda5 \n 5%". The operating system titles will be sourced from os-prober, which will be moved into a function in misc.py that can be called in the other areas that it's needed.

Replacing the labels below each bar with a chart of the partitions, placed to the right of the option buttons, will be investigated as a solution to the problem of the labels expanding too far horizontally.

The colors used for partitions that exist in both SegmentedBars will be made to match.

Prepare partitions (manual partitioning)

The current code creates a number of SegmentedBars in the background. This is a waste of memory, and will be rewritten to match what the automatic partitioning page does.

Who are you?

A password strength meter will be added to the right of the password input boxes.

Migrate documents and settings

The migrate documents and settings page will not be shown if nothing can be imported.

Ready to install

Clickable page labels will be added. Clicking on one such label will take the user back to the page it refers to. Given the design of the components, it may be necessary to force the user to go back to the summary page after going back to a component page.

In order to accommodate this change, and to fix a long standing bug that requires the "Migration Assistant:" label to always be displayed, the summary question will be split into several questions by section.

Installing system

File copy progress time remaining will be calculated and displayed in minutes, so the potential variation in time is less noticeable.

A slideshow will be added above the progress bar as described in UbiquityVisualRefresh.



Test/Demo Plan


Unresolved issues


BoF agenda and discussion

  • Should we and how can we merge the automatic and manual partitioning pages? What would the UI for this look like?
  • What should the password strength meter look like?
  • Should we add the private directory option to the "Who are you?" page? What would the UI look like?
  • Should we add an OpenID option?
  • Should we add user picture selection to the "Who are you?" page (using the same UI that About Me has for this)?
  • Where can we put the labels for the segmented_bars so that they don't force the bar to grow beyond the size of the window? Should we just use lots of different colors and line break before the labels reach beyond the end of the window?
  • Do we really need to select the language twice (gfxboot-theme-ubuntu and language page)
  • How do we provide localization and animation in the slideshow?

All pages

  • Will be maximising by default. Not fullscreen, just maximize.
    • I spoke with Colin about this and we do not want to maximize the window as we want to encourage people to use the facilities of the live CD, however we will still plan to fullscreen the window when in only-ubiquity mode -- EvanDandrea

First Page (Language Selection)

  • Seems like a redundant to select a language since you select in the live cd bootup (ISOLINUX)

Action items:

  • Change the welcome text to something more pertinent
    • - At very minimum, "Please choose the language used for the...." can be removed. It's been established that it's not necessary.
  • Language selection needs to be changed to something that doesn't draw your focus to. Perhaps a drop down box

Second Page (Time Zone Selection)

  • Choosing a city is a bad experience.
  • Will be using two svg images
    • - 1 is color coded by timezone - 1 has the whole world
  • These should be able to scale nicely. If memory issues, then can use a static png.
  • First drop down is the time zone list
  • The second drop down will be much shorter; only shows cities of the TZ you pick
  • Accessibility, will be using arrow keys on the map if possible

Third Page (Keyboard selection)

  • Provide radio buttons at the top
    • First option is determined from you language selection, " Default Choice : US/US " Second option is "Calculate ..". This calls the method used in the alternate installer Third option is "Choose your own". Shows the old boxes below and old test box.
  • More or less this is the solution, but we will mock up 1/2 dozen ways to do this
    • outside of the session.

Fourth Page (Partitioning)

  • At very least, get rid of "Guided". So string would be "use entire disk".
  • Will be removing SCSI1 (0,0,0) for at least IDE strings
  • For the labels:
    • - Change from /dev/sdaX to just sdaX - Move the labels to the bottom right instead -
  • Remove the rounded corners possibly on the bars
  • Moving the resize handle to the bars rather than an extra widget

Fifth Page (User setup)

  • Login automatically doesn't make enough sense being a check box, maybe reword or present it differently
  • Password assistant in apt has a signal strength indicator
  • Longer boxes to encourage longer passwords
    • - Adding a password strength indicator

Last Page (Summary Page)

  • Adding buttons to go back to a step to change
    • - Need to have a button that would "return" to last step
  • The labels need to match the page you are returning to
  • Warning text needs improvements, HTML would be good idea for emphasis

Install process

  • Adding in a slideshow
  • Instead of the abrupt switch in windows, you can possibly just render the install progress
    • inside of the window
  • Need to check if window manager hints can be set to hide the close button once install starts


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