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== Java for i386 ==

 1. Add the {{{hoary-extras}}} repository (AddingRepositoriesHowto)
 2. Search for {{{sun-j2re1.5}}} in synaptic and install it.

This will configure the Firefox Java plugin.
Alternatively, you can build your own Java package by following the instructions on JavaPackageBuildNewVersions.
=== Breezy ===

In BreezyBadger, Java is available as the {{{j2re1.4}}} and {{{j2se1.4}}} packages in the {{{multiverse}}} repository. In order to get Java plugins working in your browser, you may have to manually install {{{libxp6}}} until the [ relevant bug] in the packaging gets fixed.

== Java on other Architechtures ==

Ubuntu PPC, please see: ["JavaPPC"].
Ubuntu AMD64, please see: ["JavaAMD64"].

== Installing the JDK ==

If you want to install the Java compiler as well as the runtime environment, the easiest thing to do is to [ get it directly from Sun]. Take care to use the "Linux self-extracting file" version. Converting the RPM with {{{alien}}} will not work.

Then follow the instructions as set forth on JavaPackageBuildNewVersions to create a .deb file you can install using {{{dpkg}}}.

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