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error: unmappable character for encoding ASCII.

This issue constitutes that largest number of build failures; Java 7 treats source file encoding issues as errors rather than warnings - this can effect both javac and javadoc operations.



Ensure appropriate encoding is passed to javac and javadoc commands; this will normally need to be patched into the build.xml file:

<javac ...  encoding="ISO-8859-1">...

OR the source and target can be set explicitly for all javac and javadoc commands using:

# Ensure that source and target are 1.5
# For backwards compat on Java 7


Defaults to source/target 1.5.

specify the source file encoding in debian/ (when in use) using:

# Set encoding for compatibilty with Java 7


Override/update debian/rules to specify source/target 1.5

    jh_build --javacopts="-source 1.5 -target 1.5" --javadoc-opts="-source 1.5"

Public API Changes


Package does not implement new public API requirements for Java 7; normally something JDBC related and relatively easy to fix.

Language Handling Changes


Some sort of language handling change (typically generics handling) causes the build failure e.g:

error: name clash: boxedFor(Class<? extends Boxed>,long) in
org.gnome.gdk.Plumbing and boxedFor(Class<?>,long) in
org.gnome.glib.Plumbing have the same erasure, yet neither hides the other

Again needs fixing upstream - I suspect that these again will follow specific patterns with stock fixes.



Maven 2 not parsing warning error message causing failure

could not parse error message: warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5

Bug in Maven 2; needs to handle new Java 7 warning message (see for explanation of what it means)

Private API


Package makes use of private API no longer present or changed in Java 7; harder to fix as requires use of different API or significant refactoring; best worked out with upstream.



Problems with JAVA_HOME in rules not matching default-java i.e. using openjdk6 explicitly, fixable in packaging

Test Failures (3)

Failure in test suite caused build failure.

Fop/Font Handling (3)

[exec] org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException: Can't load standard profile:

I think this is related to in openjdk-6

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