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'''homepage:''' [http://jaroche.wordpress.com] '''homepage:''' [[http://jaroche.wordpress.com]]
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'''e-mail:''' [[MailTo(j_aroche AT SPAMFREE users DOT sourceforge DOT net)]] '''e-mail:''' <<MailTo(j_aroche AT SPAMFREE users DOT sourceforge DOT net)>>

Javier Aroche

homepage: http://jaroche.wordpress.com

e-mail: <j_aroche AT SPAMFREE users DOT sourceforge DOT net>

country: Guatemala


I'm a Software Developer... bla bla bla :P

Experience with Ubuntu

I have used Ubuntu a bit more the last weeks and I'm excited about how easy is. For many years worked in windows, now I wanna switch to a full open source environment.


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