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I have no forum yet.


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About Me

As you can deduce from my login my name is Javier. I am a 27 years old engineer providing IT Services in the travel agencies business. My first approach to the Linux world was approximately five years ago within a domestic environment, the distribution was Open Suse. Afterwards I tried for the first time Ubuntu in 2008 (Release 8.04 I still have the CD!). It really surprised me the simplicity in all the installations step and the low terminal dependency at user side (I would say it is the main obstacle for people coming from Windows). The final immersion arrived at the middle of 2009 (Release 9.04) I finally felt in love with Ubuntu and now is the only OS running in my laptop. I am also very fortunate because I recently changed my work and now I am in touch with several Linux environments so my knowledge on this area is growing fast. As hobbies I enjoy playing football once per week with my colleagues and hiking in the Alpes when the weather permits

Skills and Knowledge Areas

Ubuntu C#
Ubuntu HTML, XHTML, JavaScript
Ubuntu XML
Ubuntu SOA
Ubuntu Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
Ubuntu Java
Ubuntu Python
Ubuntu CMMi

Team Memberships

Future Plans & Projects

  • Ubuntu I am currently learning some advanced techniques in C++ since my job demands it.
    Ubuntu As a short term objective I am planning on study some advanced algorithms and data structures.
    Ubuntu As a mid term objective I would like to get a certification on Java and Oracle.

Current Project & Goals

  • Ubuntu I am not currently participating in any official project inside Ubuntu community.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

  • Ubuntu Not remarkable contributions by the time being.


  • Ubuntu Not remarkable support by the time being.

Forum Guides:

  • Ubuntu Not forum guides by the time being.


  • Ubuntu Not Wiki contributions by the time being


  • Ubuntu Not testimonials by the time being


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