About Me

Location: Dallas, TX Age: 28

In 1995, I installed Slackware 2.2 (kernel 1.2.1 if memory serves) on my PC to learn "C" and have never looked back. I have been a huge open source advocate ever since.

I'm happily married to my wife Marie.

I am System's Engineer / Developer for a local call center in Dallas, TX.

I tend to "geek out" in all things UNIX, especially open source.

I love to develop using many different languages (C, Ruby, Java to name a few).

I love experimenting and developing open source telephony

When I'm not hacking away, I'm dabbling in my other love... music. I've played in several bands in the local DFW Metroplex.

You can usually catch me via IRC on the FreeNode network as "thedonvaughn"

Contact Info

Email: vaughn.jayson@gmail.com

Freenode: thedonvaughn


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