hey all, i just decided to get this wiki page set up, hoping to find the time to contribute some artwork in hardy, my main work has nothing at all to do with computers, but i do have a passion for web design, page layout and logo design. I do some work at www.red7tech.com as a hobby, mainly web design, layouts and graphics, and some writing for some clients, all on freelance basis. Ubuntu is a project that I really love, it has the ability to really free people from proprietary shackles, in that it is basically usable straight away, and the community is so open to new users.

I have used several distro's before, suse, mandriva (mandrake), fedora, rhel, debian, though i am a complete ubuntu convert now, I think it is the direction linux has to take to gain market share from microsoft and apple, I will not use suse anymore due to what was said by one of their hackers some time ago, where they stated that they hated ubuntu, which i think is just a problem with them admitting that someone did it better, maybe not from their perspective, but in the popularity sense, ubuntu is better, then came the microvell deal, that topped it for me, i don't see why any vendor should have to pay protection money to anyone over empty threats, although i think microsoft only wanted to pen a deal after novell won the sco case. Its a good thing to see mark has not bowed to the demands of the schoolyard bully, which is a big part of the reason i still use ubuntu, i think if canonical were to sign on with them, there would be a large loss in the userbase of this great distro, loyalty to the ideals promotes loyalty to the product.

Anyway, guess I'll see ya round.

yeah, almost forgot, you see me on the forums as vincentvee


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