Jim Fisher (Jedijf)

Contact #:(636) 2-JEDI-JF (253-3453)

Married to Cynthia (Cindy)

Father of three (3) adult children

  • Lisa
  • Ashley
  • TJ


  • Jordyn Taylor
  • Feliciana Isabella

Three Pets

  • Buffy (Maltese)
  • Yoshi (Papillon)
  • Leo (Yorkshire)


Started dabbling with computers in 1981, with a Timex/Sinclair Kit, and has been dabbling ever since as a hobbyist.


Lives with his family in Abington, PA.

Has been utilizing a mobile internet IRC connection for many years!

The cake is not a lie! Oreo Cake The Southeast PA Event Staple.

Summary: I am an Ubuntu advocate. I promote Ubuntu through all of my affiliations listed below. Not being a paid IT person, I can present Linux in a very informal fashion. I like to say the I am a Linux plumber, when I hack, you can see the crack of my ass. I am a salesman, and I love to perform. I am very passionate about Linux and Ubuntu.

Future aspirations: To continue to promote Ubuntu and involvement with Open Source to everyone I encounter. As Team Contact, to provide all the information to the PA team members so that they may promote Ubuntu as individuals, and as regions. To support all PA team member and region endeavors with the best of my abilities.

Launchpad Acct


Contributions To Ubuntu

Current and Ongoing

  • Took over PA Team Official Contact Position when original leader had to step down.
  • Present and active in IRC. #ubuntu-us-pa
  • Present and active in PA Forums
  • Mold my grand daughter, Jordyn, into an Ubuntu Women member

Past Accomplishments in Ubuntu




Name Email addy and comment please

When I was starting up the NJ LoCo team, Jim supported me every chance he got. When we held our first install fest, he drove all over creation flyering for us. He made it to every event he could; even when he couldn't, he'd stop by the day before with more bread than we could possibly eat.

Jim gave me the support I needed, and I gladly support his application for membership -- JoeTerranova

From David A. Harding <>

Don't make Jim Fisher an Ubuntu member--that's not enough--make him Chief Ubuntu Evangelist. Before I met Jim in 2007, I thought I was a Linux enthusiast--but Jim's electrifying enthusiasm for Linux and Ubuntu blew me away. Compared to him, I'm a mere dabbler.

Jim doesn't care about Ubuntu--he cares about individual people. There isn't a problem he won't try to fix or a hack he won't spend a week working on just to make someone happy--and if he can't do it himself, he'll move heaven and earth to find someone who can.

This testimonial sucks because I can't describe in just a few words the numerous invaluable contributions Jim has made over the last five years to the Pennsylvania (PA) LoCo, the former New Jersey (NJ) LoCo, the Philadelphia (PA) LUG, the Cherry Hill (NJ) LUG, PACS Linux (PA), numerous other groups, and anyone who visits #ubuntu-us-pa or #ubuntu-us-nj. Jim Fisher has been invaluable to our local community--please give him his just desserts. --DavidAHarding


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