Rohan,english version upcoming

Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive announced the open beta date for their highly anticipated massively multi-player online role-playing game, Rohan: Blood Feud. Open beta will begin on Tuesday, May 27th at 6:00pm PST. Having been working around the clock since the end of the Closed Beta fixing bugs and making many refinements and improvements, YNK Interactive has added several of players' suggestions into the game, and will continue to welcome player input during the Open Beta phase.

Highlight in Rohan

Level down enchant system: This is a feature that lets users decrease the level restrictions of certain items that they would normally,due to their low level,not be able to can find many rohan power leveling there.

Commission sales: For all those low level users who have not obtained skill of merchants,it is a good way to sell items through NPCs on commission base and getting notified of sales-completion while hunting. they sell Rohan crone well.

Item mixing system: With the feature of merging items like potions,rare items and unique items the game is more complex and brings more dicversity to the game. Rohan items are really make people crazy.

Soul of merchant item: Through Soul of merchant item,item can be obtained for free,dependant on success rate which can also lead to failure when applied in which means the user will not be left disadvantaged. you also can buy rohan crone directly.

Enchanced monster AI: Through Link AI and Help AI,monsters share their attacking properties so when one monster is being attacked,other monsters nearby will assist the attacked monsters so that attributed attacks and deathblows can be used in a more tactical way.

How to get and spend Aoc gold

Age of Conan (AoC) is a barbaric fantasy-themed MMORPG developed by Funcom. The game brings players to experience live violent from the Hyborian Age, a fantasy setting created by Robert E. Howard. Amidst the chaotic blood-bath surroundings, players can buy aoc cd key right now from funcom.

There is a civilized system of commerce and currency.Players in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures bargain for goods and services using pieces of gold, silver, copper and tin as their median of trade. As players struggle to become the legend of the Hyborian Age, the wealth in gold is not a factor to be neglected.

Even though the Hyborian Age is the age of chaos and disorder. Players still cannot obtain everything they want through a mindless slaughtering alone. This is where Age of Conan gold comes to its part. Four types of currency are used in Age of Conan gold, silver, copper, and tin. A hundred units of the lesser currency are added up to one unit of the higher type.

Players spend AoC gold as a median of trade to purchase their desired pieces of weapons and equipment or necessary hunting supplies. They can earn AoC gold through various options from fulfilling NPC or perhaps other player requests to hunting a careless adventurer for valuables. With some good amount of Age of Conan gold as a starting fund players can pick up a trade skill and combine useless raw materials into something other players want to pay for. They then, sell these products directly to other players in exchange of AoC gold or place them on the tradeposts and wait until they are sold.

Age of Conan players are always in need of gold to purchase better pieces of equipment. Most people who can afford spending their time in game can try and earn gold by themselves while the rest seek to buy AoC gold over the internet. Although Funcom will do anything to prevent gold sellers from obtaining and distributing precious AoC gold to these deep-pocket players.


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