I'm a research staff member in IBM Research at the Almaden Research Center in the User Sciences & Experience Research (USER) group. In a previous life, I was an Assistant Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I led the Personal Information Environments research group and co-directed the Adaptive Personalized Information Environments lab with Charles Isbell.

My primary research interest is supporting interaction across the multiple, heterogeneous devices that comprise the user's personal information environment. In my spare time I also play with mobile interaction, mixed-initiative interaction, adaptive user interfaces, and usable security.

Currently at IBM I'm playing with creating an architecture that supports lightweight services that span multiple personal (or shared) devices. I'm playing with Ubuntu as one of the supported OSes for personal devices (and I because I got tired of running XP at work).

More information about me is available at my IBM Research home page.


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