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 *  * Awesome to see Jeff coming back to Ubuntu! He was one of the original gang

I was involved in Ubuntu as an early employee of Canonical, from before the launch of Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) until just after Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake). Through that period I was involved in business and community development, evangelism and smatterings of technical stuff here and there. Smile :-)

I would like to renew my lapsed membership (after four years!) as I'd like to contribute in a some small way again. While this may involve a bit of packaging in the future, for now I will focus on a new Act of Niche Journalism, Ubuntu’s Bleeding Edge, a blog about activity in the development branch.


  • Awesome to see Jeff coming back to Ubuntu! He was one of the original gang
  • Jeff was one of the original community-focused members of Ubuntu, many of us can directly trace our involvement back to him so it's good to see him return by starting up a new development-focused blog. Things are probably a bit different from the old days, councils, governance, work items and whatnot, so I recommend reviewing the teams, etc. in the areas you plan to work on. -- jorge 2010-05-27 15:25:32


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