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 ||'''e-mail'''||||  ||'''e-mail'''||||
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 * I am the Debian maintainer for [ wide-dhcpv6], a well-programmed DHCPv6 solution. I got the first version included in Universe thanks to MOTU reviewers. I am working on a better integration of the client in the system (it will certainly be released in Debian wide-dhcpv6 version 20060322-2). I will try to get the latest version included in Dapper.  * I am the Debian maintainer for [ wide-dhcpv6], a well-programmed DHCPv6 solution and [ mmpython], a Python media metadata retrieval library. I am currently packaging [ freevo], an open-source home theatre, and [ SLiM], a Simple Login Manager.
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I have fixed a few bugs in main and universe: I have fixed a few bugs and made some merges. See [ my Uploaded Packages list].
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 ||denemo||0.7.4-2ubuntu3||Fix unmet librsvg2-common dependency.||[ Malone #32695]||
 ||proftpd||1.2.10-27ubuntu1||Fix a "/var/run is on a tmpfs" issue.||[ Malone #34122]||
 ||ghemical||1.91-2ubuntu2||Fix build on amd64 (and ia64 if mopac7 could be built on this arch).||[ Malone #36421]||
 ||lprng||3.8.28-4ubuntu1||Fix a "/var/run is on a tmpfs" issue.||[ Malone #34409]||
 ||ebtables||2.0.6-3ubuntu1||Fix a FTBFS on all arch.||[ Malone #37426]||
 ||gnome-sudoku||0.4.0-2ubuntu2||Rebuild against fixed lib and desktop file issue||[ Malone #5544]||
 ||gimp-gap||2.2.0-2ubuntu1||Upstream patch adaptation||[ Malone #32900]||

Jérémie "Toadstool" Corbier

I am a 21 year-old french guy. I study telecommunications engineering in Brest, France. I am particularly interested in the current deployment of IPv6. I am also network and system administrator of the [ ResEl] association. We deal with a 500 machines students network and we provide some services such as 17 TV channels on LAN or Jabber accounts to our members. The whole services are powered by 12 Debian servers.

Linux and me

I have been using GNU/Linux since November 2000. My first experience was with a Debian Potato I installed on my parents' old computer. As I did not have a permanent nor efficient Internet connection at that time I had to wait for Woody release to discover a little further this world.

I use Ubuntu since Warty was released. At that time I was thrilled by this distribution because it was the first to work out of the box on my laptop. I have been an Ubuntu user since then and I have decided to help making Dapper the best Linux distro ever released.

I have organized 4 Ubuntu Install Parties (about 60 attendees each time) in my engineering school.


Ubuntu involvement

Packaging and developments

Bug triaging and fixing

I am part of the Ubuntu BugSquad and I do my best to report and triage bugs.

I have fixed a few bugs and made some merges. See [ my Uploaded Packages list].


I spend a lot of time on #ubuntu-fr, #ubuntu-fr-testing, #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-motu helping people as much as I can.

French translations

I am certainly not the most active translator in the French Translation Team but when I am not wandering about Malone I try to translate a few packages.


I would like to:

  • Become a MOTU to help maintaining Universe and stop bothering MOTUs when I have got a tiny patch.
  • Package a few missing applications.
  • Help new packagers on #ubuntu-motu and REVU.
  • Get a little more involved in the French Translation Team.
  • Spread Ubuntu everywhere.


  • While I cannot judge Toadstool's technical abilities or packaging skills, I can vouch for his community spirit. He's a regular at #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-bugs, and has often helped others, and kept the action lively. Always a gentleman with great manners, he defines the spirit of an Ubuntero. I suppose we could certainly use more new members like Toadstool! -- CarthikSharma


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