Jeremy LaCroix

Email: <>

About Me

I am a Technologist, IT Technician, an Ubuntu user and forum community member since 2004. I am a Linux Advocate since 2000, and Ubuntu Advocate ever since I've discovered it. My primary focus is testing. I test each and every Ubuntu release before the freeze period, and report all bugs that I find.


My primary focus, until my programming knowledge increases to a higher level, is testing new releases (and reporting bugs), advocating Ubuntu, and writing technology articles either about or with Ubuntu.

My recent bug reports are here:

My Ubuntu Community activity can be viewed here:

I also write for several times a year, and most of the articles I write are either about Ubuntu, or wrote using Ubuntu as an example. Some of my most recent articles are here: (Ubuntu 7.10 Review) (Gnome 2.20 Review) (Wesnoth Review) (Guide to make a restore script)

My personal web site where I blog about computer games I design and technology is here:

Future Plans

I hope some day to gain enough programming knowledge to contribute code to Ubuntu releases. I am studying C++ right now so that hopefully those skills can be useful to the project and community.

Another goal for the future is to code a computer game in C++ for inclusion into Ubuntu's repositories for everyone to enjoy.

Until then, I will continue to do what I can to Advocate Ubuntu's use and test each release so that I can help make sure each release is as good as it can be. I will always offer my assistance with Ubuntu when asked.


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