About me

I am a longtime Ubuntu user and advocate. I have done windows>Ubuntu migrations, and actively support an office of mixed platform systems as a volunteer. I have experience with many distros, and have skills in server implementations, maintenance and security; desktop implementation, support and maintenance/security; LAMP applications and web development; networking implementation, security and troubleshooting; SOHO backup and mail server installs and maintenance.

I am an independent computer and internet consultant specializing in search engine optimization and content management systems, particularly Drupal.

I am the MLUG webmaster, and participate in many open source projects. I have been involved in the development of NetJuke, doing graphics for the project, as well as beta testing.

I have a degree in English Literature and the Philosophy of Science.


I am primarily an advocate, although I do many support instances, and perform consulting on migrations and cross-platform interoperability. I have moved at least 20 people to full time use of Ubuntu, and support them when needed. I have attended Ubuntu meetings, and actively participate in the chat rooms giving advice when possible.

Plans & Vision for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the keys to allowing the general public to have a choice when it comes to operating systems. The freedom we lose every day can be combated in a way with increasing freedom of software and the liberty of thought and creativity this allows. I see Ubuntu as being an important stepping stone to regaining the sense of camaraderie and sharing that previously was the domain of the pure sciences.

Local organizations

I am a member of and/or helped founding the following organizations:

  • MLUG - Montreal Linux Users Group


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