About Me

My name is Jim Little. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I started using linux in 1996, starting with Slackware and Redhat. I have also experimented with many other major distros but never been entirely happy with any of them.

I've been looking for a better distro lately, one that installs seemlessly across all my machines and that can be maintained more easily. I think I have found it in Ubuntu but I am still a relative newcomer.

My Interests

I have many hobbies which I won't bore you with here, suffice to say they drive my computing efforts. I run my own server/domain on my home ADSL line and also support several friends and relatives I have switched to Linux. I am pretty happy with the status of my ThinkPad T21 running Ubuntu and now also have a dedicated Ubuntu based MythTV machine as well.


I am about to take the big plunge and go to Dapper. I am also looking to join some teams.


So far I have Ubuntu up and running on two machines, an IBM Thinkpad and ASUS Pundit.

After some struggling I managed to get my Airlink AWLC3025 802.11g card http://www.airlinkplus.com/wireless/awlc3025.htm working with my WPA router. Write me for specifics but my main guides were the WPAHowto and the SetupNdiswrapperHowto .

I also now have the s-video working so I can connect to a TV. I have found a weird bug trying to run at a lower resolution but I think it's a hardware thing.

Skype is a nasty application under Linux. My current workaround is using a bluetooth headset. It's still quirky though.

I have also managed to get my Myth Box up and running again on Ubuntu. I have to say it was less work than any other install although to be fair I did have the experience to help this time.


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