Ubuntu user since first preview release.

Linux user since 1994 (yes .. my first linux was an "Yggdrasil Plug & Play linux, fall 94 edition").

FreeBSD user since 1998 (i think).

UNIX user since 1989.

I've tried almost all the "classic" distributions, Redhat, SuSE, Mandrake, Stampede, Debian, Gentoo, Libranet and JBLinux are just a few that comes to mind (in no particular order).

Tried ubuntu after reading some /. posting about the preview release, fell in love in 20 secs, and immediatly installed it on both my workstation and my laptop.

Contact information

Name: Jimmy Selgen

Nationality: Danish (born October 23rd, 1973)

Location: Viborg, Denmark

Email: jimmy.selgen_REMOVE_@gmail.com

Web site:

Free and Open Source Software activities

Nothing right now, but previous projects include :

  • Assitant head developer of Stampede Linux for a few years.

  • Various patches to misc. projects, mostly when things starts to bug me enough Smile :)


Software development in any of the following languages

* C/C++ (including real time programming)

* Java

* C#

* Perl

* Python



Current Interests

I am currently trying to get the hang of Python/py-gtk and Mono/C#/gtk-sharp, and am still trying to decide which is right for me. I'm also trying to learn a bit about Zope, hoping to replace my PHP webpage with a Zope server someday Smile :)


You might find me in the following channels (no guarantees)

#bsd-dk, #sslug on EFNet. #detox on DALNet #danmark on Gimpnet


The following places might be good Smile :) BSD-DK Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group FreeBSD mailing lists


I currently work as a software developer for Lyngsoe Systems, writing UNIX software.

Other stuff


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