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 {*} Regaining official status for Ubuntu-no and making it a more tight community <<BR>>
 {*} Learn more about Ubuntu community leadership and sign the leadership CoC. <<BR>>

Launchpad ID:


See my Launchpad page


jo-erlend@freenode, jo-erlend@gimpnet



About Me

I am Jo-Erlend Schinstad, a 31 year old man who lives in Oslo, Norway. My professional life has centered around sales and coaching. I have a passion for communication, music (guitar and vocals) and computing.

I started using computers at a very early age, about 1986 when I was six years old. My first experience with computer networking was with a 300Baud modem connected to various BBSes, and my first WIMP system was GEM on MS-DOS. My father taught me to program in QB45 when I was about nine, I think. I later moved onto Visual Basic, a little Delphi and C, before moving onto Java and PHP. In 2005 I discovered Python and Ruby, of which Python quickly became my favorite language and has been so ever since. Quite recently I discovered Vala, which I think is an awesome language for a large number of reasons.

I first heard about Linux in 1994 after a Norwegian computer party called The Gathering was held in my home town. My first (painful) install was RedHat 5.0 in 1998. I used that until moving onto Mandrake Linux. I used that for about a year, then had a couple of seasons with Fedora Core until I finally moved onto Ubuntu in 2005. It was the ethical and moral aspects of it, coupled with the focus on making GNU/Linux more beginner friendly that most attracted me. It was my first experience with a Debian-based system, and I rather quickly fell in love with it.

I've had technical support as a hobby since around 1995 when I started using mIRC. I've participated in IRC support of mIRC scripting, HTML & al, VB6, Java, PHP, Python, Fedora Core and Ubuntu. I suppose what I love the most about it is exploring the fresh perspective that non-experience brings to the table, and the challenge of explaining complicated things in the easiest possible way.

Personal motto: it's better to drown your sorrows than teach them how to swim. Fun fact: I have the same birthday as the Linux Kernel: August 25th.

Team Memberships

Ubuntu Quickly Developers
Ubuntu Ubuntu Norway (contact)
Ubuntu Python Norway (founder)

Future Plans & Projects

I recently took over as contact for the Norwegian loco where I hope to improve the internal communication and help build a strong community. I wish to spend more time contributing to Quickly and other efforts to make development on Ubuntu and GNU/Linux easier and more fun. A personal project is to record and album, and I hope to start working on getting an LPI certification.

Current Project & Goals

  • Ubuntu Making a really awesome release party for Precise.
    Ubuntu Attracting attention to Ubuntu in the Norwegian media.
    Ubuntu Write a GTK widget GIR library for continuous applications.
    Ubuntu Regaining official status for Ubuntu-no and making it a more tight community
    Ubuntu Learn more about Ubuntu community leadership and sign the leadership CoC.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Development &c

  • Ubuntu Some contributions to Quickly Widgets
    Ubuntu General testing and bug reporting
    Ubuntu Some translation


  • Ubuntu #Ubuntu-no since 2006
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu (not so much the last couple of years)
    Ubuntu since June 2011.
    Ubuntu #Ubuntu-App-Developer
    Ubuntu #Python-no
    Ubuntu Held a couple of volunteer courses in Ubuntu for self-help groups.


  • Ubuntu Written many articles about Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Participated in a large number of online debates about Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Created the Norwegian Python community with special focus on Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Participated in LoCo and release parties

    • Ubuntu Held a presentation about Ubuntu on ARM in relation to Green computing

    Ubuntu Created screencasts about Ubuntu and development

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