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Describe yourname here.

#format wiki #language en This is simply a template, made from my homepage ( for new beginners team users. Feel free to do with the markup as you like, replace of course generic placeholders and notes made. To see my real page, click here, compare the source and you'll quickly see how to do things. For more information on wiki editing see here. Be creative, see other people's pages and make it your own by altering it.

To embed a picture at top of page (or elsewhere) host it on an image service, and then put it inside brackets, see source for example. The line has been commented out with two ## in front of it, this tells the wiki to ignore everything after it, it allows people to leave annotations or notes just for editors that do not display. If you want to use an image, insert a link into brakets replacing rest of text and remove # signs.

Launchpad ID:

Your Launchpad ID (make a link)


Your GPG Public Key ID

Ubuntu Forums:

Link to your forum account.


List your registered nicks you use on IRC and on what networks


your email address

Add more than listed in table for contact if you like, such as IMs, or other social networks you frequent. If you prefer not to post publicly things like your email, you can list such contact information on launchpad a more private network.

About Me

Describe yourself. What do you do in your spare time, what kind of computer and linux experience do you have? Tell as much as you feel comfortable, we don't need to know exactly where you live, we don't do stalking. Maybe you want to sub divide it into sections if it gets long.

Team Memberships

Ubuntu List memberships you have or are apprenticing in (i.e. if your a padawan in Beginners Team).

  • Bullets are good for lists.
    • Indent more and they change.

Future Plans & Projects

What are you planning on doing in imediate and longer future? Doesn't have to all have to do with linux, looking at a degree or certification? Looking for membership to a team?

Current Project & Goals

  • Ubuntu Some people like to list short term goals.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Note: Often people like to list their major contributions, so people know the good work they've done. When you apply for membership to restricted teams, the senior members usually like knowing what you've done before. In this example, several subsections exist. The more work you do, the longer this section will become.


  • Ubuntu On Ubuntu Forums (link to account) as, I do....