Jochen Skulj - German Translator

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About me

My name is Jochen Skulj, I was born in 1970 and live in the area of Cologne, Germany. Since 2006 I am contributing translations to the German GNOME Translator Team. Besides this I also joined the German Ubuntu Translator Team. My aim is to improve the representation of Upstream Translations within Ubuntu and help to establish a closer collaboration between Upstream and Ubuntu.

My background

I studied Computer Science in the early 1990ies. Since 1995 I am employed at a German Federal Tax Authority. There I was first working on application/database programming and QA tasks. Currently I am mainly responsible for requirement analysis within the further development of our enterprise application system. My technical skills comprise Java, PL/SQL and Python Programming, Software Design/Software Architecture and common Java-based enterprise technologies.

I am handicapped and therefore I am strongly interested in accessibility issues.

My contributions

My Goals

  • Improving the German translation
  • Further expanding of the German Translation Team and finding more long-term translators
  • Improving the team structure by setting up further guidelines


SebastianHeinlein: He has done a great job in reviving the German translation team, working out a new process and keeping things going! Jochen is definitely the guy the German translation team has always needed!


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