Joe Thompson


I am a 26 year-old Systems Administrator in a Data Center for an Airline Services company. I live in Atlanta, GA, USA. I am single (Hi, ladies), pescetarian, and a voracious consumer of music (primarily Funk, Soul, and Hip-Hop).

Linux Info

I have been using Linux since 1998. My first install was RedHat 4.2. I then quickly moved on to Slackware, which I ran for several years. Then, it was on to a brief affair with Gentoo, though I found myself compiling things more than I was actually using the system. Along came this young, upstart distro named "Ubunutu" with a release titled "Warty Warthog", and here I am.

At work, I am on a team of Admins responsible for a few hundred RedHat, Solaris, and (thankfully very few) Windows Servers in an ASP environment.

I am a RedHat Certified Engineer (#804006625922204).

Having gotten started with Linux in the days when Hardware Support was still quite immature, I have quite a bit of experience configuring and compiling the Kernel and troubleshooting Kernel Module issues. This certainly came in quite handy in a previous job integrating hardware in an embedded, real-time system.


None yet, though I expect to change that very soon.


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