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By day, I'm a software engineer, working with C# and .NET - not my ideal choice, but it pays the bills. What this does do, however, is keep me interested in participating in the Ubuntu community outside of work, which is always a good thing. My first interest in Linux came about in early 2005, when I first found Ubuntu 5.04, though if you asked, I wouldn't be able to tell you how I came to hear of Ubuntu or Linux, but I'm glad I did! I never got round to installing Ubuntu properly (by properly I mean on a production machine, not a VM), until May 2007. This was largely due to compatibility issues with my Dell PC, however I got them resolved with the help of the IRC/Forum community, and haven't looked back since.

You can find out a bit more either on my LaunchPad Page, or My Blog.

Contact Name: Joe Barker Launchpad: joeb454 Email: IRC: Joeb454 on IRC: Joeb on Ubuntu Forums: Joeb454 joeb454 Twitter: Joeb454



I'm a member of the ForumCouncil, which I have been on since the end of 2010. The staff team on the forum are an amazing group of volunteers that help keep the forums running smoothly, and the opportunity I've had to serve on the ForumCouncil has been both enjoyable and interesting. Outside of the forum work I'm often advocating Ubuntu to members of the community around me, friends & family and anybody who asks. Having recently moved, I'll be looking for a new LUG to get involved with, and seeing how much of the UK LoCo activity I can get involved with from afar. My involvement within the community has allowed me to be an Ubuntu Member since August 2007.

Ubuntu Forums

I am a member of the UbuntuForums, and was made Staff in July 2008, then in 2009 became the LoCo Administrator. As of November 2010, I am an Administrator and ForumCouncil member. There's no specific area of the forums I will particularly help in, however if I feel I can help, I'll always try to post it in a clear and concise manner - I can remember how confused I was when I first saw the forums.

If you ever PM me on the forums, I'll get back to you ASAP, and if I don't get back as soon as you'd like, email is a good way to go, as it's pushed to my phone, which is never too far away.

Membership Via Forum Contributions

As part of my role on the ForumCouncil, I was involved in finalising the process of Membership via Forum Contributions. Something which has since been refined further, and is an ongoing goal of the FC to integrate better into the wider Ubuntu Community. The ability to grant people Ubuntu Membership based on their contributions is a great privilege, and is always interesting to see just how much people have provided in both support via the forums and other avenues.


I'm often found on IRC on - Channels I'm usually in when I'm on are:

  • ##club-ubuntu
  • #ubuntu-beginners-team
  • #ubuntu-beginners
  • #ubuntuforums
  • #ubuntu-meeting
  • #ubuntu-locoteams
  • #ubuntu-uk
  • #ubuntu-community-team
  • #ubuntu-news

I also frequent my local LUG channel on

If there's ever a question on IRC that I feel I know the answer to, or can give help for, I'll always try and help the person asking.

LoCo Activities

My LoCo team is the Ubuntu-UK team. I wish I could say I was an active member within the LoCo, however many of the events organised (that I have spotted) are in the London area, which makes it difficult for me to participate, living 200 miles away. I always have 1 eye open to see what can be done from a distance though.

However, outside of my LoCo, I have a relatively high level of contact with other LoCo teams, as I'm the point of contact for any LoCo Forum issues. I'm glad to be in this role, as the community is one of the things I love with Ubuntu. Though due to the global nature of the teams, it has resulted in some late nights for me while discussing things on IRC with teams, however I happen to be blessed with not needing large amounts of sleep to function the next day. Nonetheless, I've generally found these late nights rewarding in one way or another, and the other users always appreciated the time I was giving.

Other Contributions

As well as the above, I have done book reviews for Pearson Publishing including

  • A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux (Updated for 8.10)
  • A Practical Guide to Linux Commands
  • A Practical Guide to Fedora & RHEL

  • The Official Ubuntu Book (5th Edition)

I felt privileged to be able to do this, and enjoyed it as another way to give back to the community.

Further to reviewing the books above, I have also written, on a number of occasions, for the Linux Identity magazine in the US. To date, I have written 8 articles for the magazine.

Ubuntu Community Interviews

I previously ran the Ubuntu Community Interview series, which I have sinced passed on to Silver Fox, as I could not commit the time to performing the interviews. A list of all the interviews I conducted can be found in this blog post.




EMEA Regional Membership Board

As a member of various teams in the Ubuntu community, including the Ubuntu Forum Staff team and the Ubuntu Beginners team, combined with my knowledge of the various teams in Ubuntu, I feel I would be a strong candidate for the EMEA Board. If you wish to support my nomination, please leave a comment below.

I work directly with Joe in the forums and I believe he would be an excellent member of the team. I would also repeat my comments from below from when he was up for Ubuntu Membership.

-- MattHelmke

He made sure that the Loco forums countless requests and queries were satisfied, And whatever small ideas I had or literally from anybody about running the Loco forums he's always there to listen and he would always keep an open mind. Any hanging questions on a loop, he always made sure he'd get back at you. He's very approachable. I fully support his Nomination as EMEA Regional Board Member.

-- Loell Erecre

I have had the pleasure to work alongside Joeb on the Beginners Team for quite some time now. He has proven month after month to be a very dedicated and helpful person. I can say that his work on the Beginners Team and as a forum staff member have truly been above par. He has always been able to maintain his level head and a friendly demeanor under any circumstance. With these qualities, and his knowledge of the various areas of the Ubuntu community, I feel Joeb is an incredibly strong candidate for the EMEA Board. I support his application wholeheartedly, and hope it is received favorably.

-- swoody

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Joeb454 over the last +-2 years; during this time his dedication, passion and commitment has clearly been his most desirable attributes and what makes him so easy to work with. One of the aspects of being on the EMEA board is the ability to look for the good in people something he has proven to accomplish time and time again. The sad and unfortunte task of being on the EMEA is having to reject people while still making them feel positive and willing to try apply again Joeb has had large amounts of practice dealing with issues like this on the UbuntuForums being both a Moderator and the only Loco Admin. I wish you all the best as I am sure you will both get the position as well as do an amazing job. Good luck!

-- David Rubin

I've worked with Joeb454 on the Ubuntu Beginners Team, and previously, on the Ubuntu Beginners Team Council. Joeb454 has done excellent work on the Ubuntu forums acting as a LoCo admin and moderator. I have always found working with him to be very enjoyable. I think he is a fare judge and a polite person and would make an excellent addition to the EMEA Regional Membership Board.

-- Charles Profitt -- cprofitt 2010-04-22 23:01:03

Joe is currently handling everything related to LoCos on ubuntuforums, creating the categories, updating the specific moderators in each category etc. He is already used to review members applications, although in a different Ubuntu community. He will certainly be a great addition to the EMEA Board.

-- bapoumba


Ubuntu Membership

Joe is a valuable member of both Sabre (Sabre on LaunchPad), and the Beginners Team's Education focus group (Education Focus Group). Whenever I need help, Joe is the first one to volunteer. He has provided hours of help, even at 3:00 AM. Joe is a valuable member and asset to any team he joins, and I support him unequivocally.

-- Paul Tag

I have worked with Joe extensively ever since I joined the Ubuntu Forums Beginner and Unanswered Questions teams. I have found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable. His involvement in the Ubuntu Forum community, as well as his humorous way of dealing with stressful situations has earned him much respect from the users and administrators of the Ubuntu Community Forums. I'm glad to have him as a peer and teammate in many of the teams I am involved with, and I support his application for Ubuntu Membership wholeheartedly. Please consider his application favorably.

-- Charles Davis

Joe has been a a true superstar on the Ubuntu Forums since his enlistment almost a year ago. It has been a lot of fun to work with somebody as knowledgeable and easy going as Joe, and his continued involvement with the Beginners Team, and now as a moderator, has benefited the community greatly. I definitely support his application to be an Ubuntu Member!

-- Connor Imes

Joe has been a stand out member of our community for some time. That is how he caught our attention. He has been helpful, welcoming, and a wonderful ambassador for Ubuntu. His assistance in the forums has been consistently positive, first as a general member, then as a part of the Beginner and Unanswered Posts teams, and recently as an addition to our staff. I recommend him highly.

-- Matthew Helmke

It has been a pleasure working with Joe on the forums and IRC. He has been quite active with the Beginner Team and is quite enthusiastic. He has made significant contributions to the Ubuntu forums and IRC. Somehow he finds the time to add in development as well. Joe has my full support in his application to become an Ubuntu Member.

-- bodhi.zazen

  • There is not much more that I can add about Joeb that the others have not stated. Joeb has always been polite and helpful on the forums, IRC and in every encounter with him. I support him in all his applications and task.

-- overdrank

As a moderator of the Ubuntu forums, I find Joe to be helpful, polite and eager to help. I support his Ubuntu membership 100%

-- [ShaunDennie]


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