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= Joe Burden Homepage on the Wiki = = Homepage on the Wiki =
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Email: [[MailTo(joeburden AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)]] Email: <<MailTo(joeburden AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>
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 * Perhaps a downloadable knowledgebase of common solutions? For the road warrior in all of us.
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CategoryHomepage CategoryHomepage CategoryHomepage

Homepage on the Wiki

Contact: Joe Burden

Email: <joeburden AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


Some stuff about me

  • You can find some of my pictures during my travels on flickr at

  • Ubuntu(s) I am running: Kubuntu (both Breezy and Dapper) and Xubuntu (Breezy)

Some things I would like to see regarding the Ubuntu Distro

  • It would be nice to see an add-in engine for the firefox browser that lets you search the Ubuntu Forums or the Wiki for keywords. This would be a great marketing tool for Ubuntu as well as a useful tool to encourage finding information in basically what are the central repositories for problem resolution for the average user. I realize this could be submitted to firefox, but self-promotion is what is needed here.
  • For greater usability by the general public at large, it would be helpful to notify the user early on in the installation that in order to view common multimedia found on the internet it will be necessary to install additional programs (some that are possibly non-free) and either give them explicit instructions on what to do after the install (if legally you cannot do it for them) to get that multimedia going. Perhaps checkboxes for some of the common multimedia (flash, wmv, etc....) could be ticked off to produce these instructions. As it stands right now, there are people who have written shell scripts to implement this sort of thing (ie. Automatix, EasyUbuntu). It would be much friendlier to the average computer user to include this type of flexibility in the base install. After all, Ubuntu is Linux for Human Beings. This would in effect limit some of the traffic that is seen on the Ubuntu servers searching forums for this information and provide a valuable service to potentially new users of Ubuntu.

  • Perhaps a downloadable knowledgebase of common solutions? For the road warrior in all of us.


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