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= Joel Addison =

|| {{}} || Launchpad || [[|joeladdison]] ||
|| {{}} || IRC || jaddi27 on [[|]] ||
|| {{}} || Ubuntu Forums || [[|jaddi27]] ||
|| {{}} || [[|Linux User]] || #440350 ||
|| {{}} || [[|Registered Ubuntu User ]] || #18788 ||

== About me ==
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Joel Addison




jaddi27 on

Ubuntu Forums


Linux User


Registered Ubuntu User


About me

I am a first year Uni student undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Systems and Aerospace) at the University of Queensland. I have a strong interest in computers, especially software and web programming.

I have played around with Linux since 2006, with Ubuntu being my main choice. I initially tried Knoppix and Fedora, but after trying Ubuntu 5.10 and later Ubuntu 6.06, I settled on Ubuntu as my favourite Linux distro. Currently I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on both of my computers, as well as a couple of virtual computers that are mainly used for web programming.

I taught myself HTML/CSS in 2003, and moved on to PHP a couple of years later. I created my own basic CMS in 2008, as a way to learn more in-depth PHP and MySQL. However, I have now decided to use Drupal for all my websites, as it is a lot easier and much more powerful.

I am a member of the Ubuntu-au mailing list and the Australian Loco Team.


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