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Over the past 2 years I have tried out most Linux and BSD distros. Finding that they are all really first-class in meeting the role that each community required. However, I have decided that Debian/Ubuntu is the best choice for my own personal interests.

My background in using Linux has been in the areas of privacy, information protection and network security.

I would like to be involved in the start-up of LoCos in the North Eastern Region of the U.K : specifically, Darlington, Newcastle and Stockton or Middlesbrough. Using the Darlington startup as a process template for the other LoCos. With the Darlington LoCo starting in August 2011.

Newcastle University have shown an interest in starting an Ubuntu Student's LoCo. That could begin at the beginning of September 2011, as students arrive for the Autumn term. They are also interested in making University start-up companies aware of the possibilities of deploying open-source and Ubuntu software.

On June 7th, 2011 I had circulated around the Technology, Business and Social Science Research Schools at Teesside University. A notice drawing attention to the high quality and usability of Ubuntu 11.04. Largely because I am aware that many of the Staff in these departments are not yet aware of Ubuntu. Also that Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community could become a good focus for future research.

I have also been active in promoting Ubuntu in the local business forums. For example at the NorthEast Chamber of Commerce (NECC). Where there has been a great deal of interest in Ubuntu and open-source in general. With open-source solutions being directed mostly at Windows compatible solutions, such as GnuCash and GPG4Win (e.mail encryption).

In the next few weeks I shall be distributing Ubuntu Live CDs across the business community. Setting up 4 presentations : "Open-Source for You ?" "Welcome to Ubuntu." "Securing Your Data On-Line." "Networks Made Simple." I shall also be engaging in the Ubuntu Professional and Ubuntu Server Programs, with a view towards gaining certification. Then the possibility of sharing this knowledge with the Community.

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