(This is, of course, a joke based on this slashdot meme: http://craphound.com/spamsolutions.txt )

Your FeatureFreezeException uses a

( ) inclusion of test suite

( ) good history of regression testing

( ) users will burn down your house if you don't

( ) it can't get much worse than it is now

( ) abuse of the term "Long Term Support"

rationale. This is flawed, so your request is being rejected. Here are the reasons why it is flawed: (one or more of the following may apply to your FFe, and it may have other flaws not noticed through this cursory examination.)

( ) The test suite isn't even run in the build cycle

( ) Upstream is just gonna release something newer tomorrow

( ) Users will probably still continue to whine

This is not to mention that:

( ) The last feature freeze we granted to you was a complete catastrophe

( ) The request did not meet the guidelines for formatting.

( ) The 500 "oh please pretty please" comments in the bug weren't helpful

( ) For some reason you nominated the bug for Hardy and marked it as affecting Baltix

furthermore, this is what i think about you:


( ) Just go request a backport!

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