This page exists for new MarketingTeam members and other parties interested in helping spread Ubuntu. It's a bit of advice and some suggested projects. It's very much a project in work and will likely evolve into something more formal soon.

Listed projects are ideas that I'm too busy to work on. Feel free to adopt them, feed them, nurture them, and turn them into Bug #1 squashing monsters.


This is just some advice from me to you. It isn't particularly poltically correct. It isn't sanctioned by anyone. The MarketingTeam wiki is the final authority on what you should be doing. This is just a bucket for my ideas and suggestions.

1. Go to these sites. Do what they say:


Marketing Wiki:

2. Do something - I know this is a shock to the system. Nobody wants to hear it. But the bottom line is that every day you could be doing something to spread Ubuntu. We don't need to ponder marketing concepts or create a reaffirming circle of love. Well, we can do that but move some Ubuntu CDs first ok?

3. After signing up at Launchpad follow the link to your personal wiki. Post some biographical information, lists some related interests, are there skills you can offer the team. It helps us get to know you.

4. Join us at #ubuntu-marketing on We get stuff done. You'll learn a lot.

5. Think Small - Marketing types like to think big. Thinking big if you can execute big is fine. Most of us can't. If you're going to dream up projects make sure that they're projects you can actually pull off. You should have the skills and resources to do it on your own or have a well documented plan and the ability to persuade others. Find something that you can do, and do well soon, and you'll be ahead of 90% of the pack.

Projects Available for Adoption

1. Switcher Blog - Every day you can find 5 or more posts from bloggers who've switched to Ubuntu. There is a ton of material available through google blog search and technorati. If you're familiar with blogging it's supper easy to create a blog dedicated to showcasing these stories.

2. Create Videos - I always need videos for Please see

3. Locate local independent computer stores. Offer to demo Ubuntu to the owner or manager. Arrange for point of sale placement of free Ubuntu CDs.

4. Contact local charities. Many provide second hand computers to the needy who may benefit from free software. (You easily could turn this idea into a full blown partnership between Ubuntu, a hardware company, and an interested charity if you have the time and interest - You could even launch your own)

5. Demos - Computer clubs, high-schools, colleges, politically oriented groups, and charities might all be interested. Offer demos and take Ubuntu CDs with you.

(You may want to hook up with your local team before attempting some of these ideas -

If you want to adopt a project you can contact JohnLittle but it isn't required.

Updates to follow soon.

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