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I'm an old-guard software guy from the middle ages. I've programmed and debugged programs written in many languages and on many computers and operating systems.

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I've contributed to many bug reports since at least 2008. For example see this early bug and this one. Both contain contributions from me in 2008. At times I've worked with upstream to fix some bugs I've seen on my Ubuntu systems. An example is this python bug, which is from this Ubuntu bug, a strange "Failed To Build From Source" one.

Of course a summary of non-closed bugs is in my launchpad related bug list.


Member of the Michigan LOCO. I've made a presentation for the LOCO at a local Unix user group and physically and virtually participated in Jams.


Maintaining Lernid program used in the Ubuntu IRC classroom since May, 2011. Looking at the changelog I see I've fixed about 50 bug reports and addressed a few more. I also applied fixes from several talented Lernid contributors.

One feature I added was a calendar update function so that last-minute speaker changes wouldn't present a problem to the user or the classroom team. Another was the ability for the Lernid user to click on link to a IRC log to access previous classroom events.


I've been helping people on AskUbuntu since May, 2012. At this writing I've accumulated 7,160 reputation points.

Future Goals

I intend to keep submitting bug patches, participating in the LUG, and, on occasion, working questions on AskUbuntu. Specifically I need to review this item to see if it still applies.


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Craig Maloney: I've known John through the Ubuntu Michigan Loco. He is one of our stand-out members, and is very active in the community. I was pleased to learn that John took on the development of Lernid from Jono and has kept the project alive and thriving. His contributions are an asset to our community and I highly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership.


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John did a wonderful job with Lernid; a strong, committed contributor to the project. JonoBacon

John has been a crucial contributor for in the early days of Ask Ubuntu where an influx of new users needed help from seasoned veterans to contribute by doing reviews of new contributions. Always a staple at the local LUG/LOCO meetings, strong +1 from me. -- jorge 2014-04-30 19:51:01

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