Hello! I am John Turek. By day I am a IP/Voice Engineer for a large telecom company. By night, I give as much as possible to the open source community.

I am a Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud advocate, utilizing UEC in 3 different networks that I manage.

Over the years I have assisted in enhancing the Pidgin, centerim, xmonad, BitchX and various emacs libraries.

I have been a Unix user since the early days of SuSE, and I have utilized Ubuntu as a Server and Desktop since Warty.

My Blog:

Contact Details

  • IRC: jturek (

  • Email: jturek(at)dweeb(dot)net

Also see my Launchpad Profile.

Where to find me

I am on the following lists:

  • ubuntu-desktop
  • ubuntu-devel
  • ubuntu-server


  • #ubuntu-devel
  • #ubuntu-desktop
  • #ubuntu-server

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