Hi, My name is Pete and I live out in the panhandle of Florida. About a year ago I convinced the owners of Odom's Bar in Century, Florida that it would benefit their business to allow me to provide a free public terminal.

Since the day that I put the computer in, there has been a steady supply of folks warming the seat in front of it.

I use entirely free services on the web to create a (I think) fantastic multimedia experience for the web community. You can see it HERE I do everything that I do at a public terminal.

I also use Ubuntu to do karaoke here at Odom's on Wednesday nights. I use Ubuntu to film it, and I call it "Odom's Idol."

I film the bands that we have here at Odom's. They all appreciate that I give them television quality video...for free.

I know that it seems glamorous to work in a night club atmosphere, but beer and beautiful women get tiring while you're trying to check your email. I spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks like checking the bar's email, and blogging, and trying to avoid people that want to buy me beer. I spend 9+ ours a day, everyday, here. I need a vacation from the place that most people go to vacation.

I hope that you like the content that I provide.



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