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About Me

About I work Linux, play Linux and probably sleep Linux. I've been hooked ever since a friend showed me a redhat command line around 16 years ago. It was actually a MySQL database updating a webpage that got me excited, I was really into HTML (not very good, but into it) back then, and generating info on the fly using php was just mind blowing. So I installed what I remember to be RedHat 5.x and stuck with it.

Right up until recently I've been a die hard RedHat/Fedora fan, into beta testing, helping out in the forums/mailing lists etc, but recently had a change of heart and installed Ubuntu 12.04 and although I still work with RedHat and keep a close eye/VM on Fedora, I think the decision was the right one and am sticking with it for now.

Disciplines I'm by no means a coder (as I mentioned before I was crap with HTML, lord knows how bad I'd be with real code), but I try to give back in other ways. I run the local LUG for Rossendale and East Lancashire, bug test, help out in forums and mailing lists and any scripts/code I do write will always be available to the community.

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