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[[BR]] [[AttachInfo]] [[AttachList]] [[BR]] [[AttachInfo]] [[AttachList]] `sudo dldrconfig --netdevname=eth1`

BR [ My Interweb Site:] BR BR[ Launchpad: Jonathan Ferguson] BR[ Shipit: Edubuntu], received Version 6.06.1 LTS on Thursday the 12th of October, 2006. BR BRMy POSIX Interests: BR attachment:IconsPage/edubuntu.png [ mod_mono Documentation] BR attachment:IconsPage/edubuntu.png [ Mono, libgdiplus, XSP & mod_mono Source Files] BR BR attachment:IconsPage/terminal.png [ sudo dpkg -i quagga-doc_0.99.2-1ubuntu3_all.deb] BR attachment:IconsPage/terminal.png [ sudo dpkg -i quagga_0.99.2-1ubuntu3_i386.deb] BR BR attachment:IconsPage/IconNIC.png [ Broadcom Corporation BCM4318(rev 02) irritates me, immensely.] US$19.95 BR AttachInfo AttachList sudo dldrconfig --netdevname=eth1 BR BR