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<<BR>>'''[[|My Internet Site:]]''' <<BR>>'''[[|Internet Site:]]'''
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<<BR>>[[|Launchpad: Jonathan Ferguson]] <<BR>>'''[[|Launchpad: Jonathan Ferguson]]'''
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Internet Site:

Launchpad: Jonathan Ferguson

Shipit: Edubuntu, received Version 6.06.1 LTS on Thursday the 12th of October, 2006.
Shipit: Edubuntu, received Version 7.04 on Wednesday the 9th of May, 2007.
Shipit: Edubuntu, received Version 7.10 on Wednesday the 7th of November, 2007.
Shipit: Edubuntu, received Version 8.04 LTS on Wednesday the 4th of June, 2008.

IconsPage/IconNIC.png Broadcom Corporation BCM4318(rev 02) irritates me immensely. US$19.95
sudo dldrconfig --netdevname=eth1

My Intellectual Property:
IconsPage/terminal.png ./Quagga