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I am a network administrator for a local community bank and in my spare time I play around w/ Linux and try to understand how to do things better.

I am currently working with the documentation team and slowly learning DocBook in order to help out. One of the joys with Ubuntu is that finally I can give back to the community without having to learn how to program or maintain packages. Just using my own skills I can now give back through help on Wikis and the doc team. Part of that giving back is working on the Kuserguide and Kquickguide.

I spend a lot of time in #ubuntu-docs and contribute to the discussion and mailing list.

Recently I have started hanging out in #kubuntu trying to help people out there.

To help with Breezy and the LaptopTestingTeam I have contacted JoelKonkleParker as we both have DellInspiron5150 laptops.

After talking w/ Mornfall on #kubuntu I installed an early alpha release of Adept the new KubuntuPackageManger he is working on. More information to follow as I work on it. I have emailed Riddell about adept being added as the default installer for Kubuntu. He wrote back that for the weekend of Aug 27 he would working on it. I am currently investigating all the docs that will have to be changed that reference Kynaptic so we can update things quickly once the final decision has been made.

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