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I am a network administrator for a local community bank and in my spare time I play around w/ Linux and try to understand how to do things better.

I am currently working with the documentation team in order to help out. One of the joys with Ubuntu is that finally I can give back to the community without having to learn how to program or maintain packages. Just using my own skills I can now give back through help on Wikis and the doc team.

It is great to see lots of people working on Kubuntu Documentation finally. For the Dapper release we will have a MUCH better product. Big word of thanks to those that have been working feverishly on getting the Kubuntu Desktop Guide done. This will replace the pretty terrible userguide and getting started guide that were partially finished for Breezy. Also the server guide will be included in the Kubuntu documentation.

I have started working also on redoing the Adept User Manual that TroyWilliams worked hard on getting out for Breezy. Adept is the package manager for Kubuntu and the original spec can be found here: I currently have partially written a guide for Add/Remove Programs (adept installer) which I will be finishing shortly. After that will start with Adept Notifier/Adept Updater and then move on to Adept as that will probably take the longest to write.

We have started working on Edgy documents... See KubuntuDocs/Edgy for more details.