I am Jonathan Marsaud (Zic).

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IRC : Zic on Freenode, GIMPNet, OFTC

About Me

I am a 17 year old French student, living near Paris.

I have been getting really involved in Ubuntu since Dapper.
About my Linux profile, I started using Linux with Mandrake 9.2 and a KDE based interface. I used Mandrake until 10.0 release of Mandriva,then I searched a version which would better fit my needs and tried Fedora with a GNOME interface.
Some time later, I moved to Debian because of the apt tools, with a KDE interface.
One day, I heard a strange story about an easy-to-use Debian GNU/Linux distribution, first called "no-name-yet", know as Ubuntu today.
First, I was a bit skeptical, but when Breezy Badger was released, I tested it and ... today I am running Feisty Fawn and Gutsy Gibbon to help development of our next version of Ubuntu ;)
I started with Kubuntu, but I quickly moved to Ubuntu & Xubuntu version.

I also know C/C++ (and GTK2+), Python (and PyGTK), XHTML/CSS, PHP languages.

Ubuntu Involvment

This is why I am one of the main organizers of Ubuntu events in Paris (like "Ubuntu Dapper Party", "Ubuntu Edgy Party", "Ubuntu Feistyvités, "Ubuntu Feistyvités second edition").

In "Ubuntu Feistyvités", I made a conference entitled "Why use GNU/Linux in the place of a closed system ?" (slides can be found here :

* Pictures can be found here :
* Main page :
* Main channel : #ubuntu-fr-party@Freenode

  • I am a little contributor to Universe too, but currently I have some problems of license with my packages. (See package to include in Universe for Hardy : here)

  • I am also involved in IRC French Ubuntu channels and of course in #ubuntu-fr-classroom (channel where some projects like DaD were born) and to help beginers to package in Ubuntu with the presence of french MOTU/core-dev like mr_pouit, gpocentek Adri2000, lionel ...) Wink ;)

Ubuntu Party

  • Dapper Party, about ~100 people in one afternoon
  • June 2006, I am one of the organizers/helpers of Edgy Party
  • May, 12th 2007, "Les Feistyvités", the biggest event that I have organized with the help of others organizers, about ~1500 people (workroom/conference-room). During this events, I have done my conference about "Why use GNU/Linux in the place of a closed system ?" in front of ~120people (120 places). Angenda can be found here

  • November 2007, 3rd & 4th : Gutsy Party is already in preparation. (I will held one or two conference about GNOME and the future project like Clutter, Gnome-Voice, Moonlight ... with maybe the help of Vincent Untz

About future involvement and Ubuntu plans


  • Organize a monthly meeting of Ubunteros who live near Paris
  • Fix problems of my package to enter in Universe/Multiverse repository
  • Continue to package in Ubuntu/Debian


  • Spread the spirit of open-source software to a maximum of people
  • Continue to difuse Ubuntu Shipit CD in my high school and try to convert some teachers
  • Contribute to the GNOME/Xfce project to fix some bugs/wishlist
  • Help project like Brasero which is going "to die" if it does not find new contributors ...


ArthurLoiret: Zic has shown many times how involved he was in Ubuntu community, especially during French install parties and conferences, usually being one of the organizers. Moreover, Jonathan has more than the packaging basis and I hope he will maintain some packages in universe or unstable soon.

TheMarauder : Zic is a contributor on the web and participe to help development of the next version of Ubuntu .... I encourage him to continue on this good way.

OlivierFraysse : Zic was very usefull for our Feisty (and previous) Party in Paris.

ThibautGirka : During the Feisty Party, Zic managed to promote GNU/Linux by explaining the philosophy and the technical advantages with simple words.

TuxLinux : The Zic's conference was in the same time very simple to understand, and full with interesting informations. A kind of essential conference to a successful ubuntu party.

Florian "TheFlew" Neyret : Jonathan is a great conferencer which knows explain to "newbies" what they should have to use a free operating system.

Jérôme Guelfucci : Zic is one of the pillars of the Ubuntu French community, he is always ready to give a hand on IRC, and helped me a lot when I started to contribute to Ubuntu. And he is also packaging, writing documentation on the french wiki... A great asset for the community!


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