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My LIFE is refurbishing donated computers with Ubuntu and sending them to hurricane ravaged New Orleans. After a 5000 mile trip to deliver computers this February I opened a Saturdays only, noon~4 'drop off' Recycling Center in a storage unit.

The Computer Drop Off has been quite successful - We've taken in 82 computers, 36 of which have had Ubuntu installed (now 48 computers have Ubuntu as of 7 July '06), thoroughly tested and ready to ship. The exciting and wonderful endeavor fills 10~20 of my 'not at work' hours. My wife and I plan a trip to NOLA in August (2006) delivering 50~60 computers to schools in the city. I have experimented with many Linux and BSD distros - Ubuntu offers the best desktop possible to replace school's damaged computers and by far is the easiest to deploy and support.

We did it! we rented a large Penske truck, loaded 62 Ubuntu computers, and delivered them to Common Ground Relief in New Orleans. More than 5,000 miles all of them filled with satisfaction and gratitude. Thanks Ubuntu! Go to for the full story.

Plans and Goals

Although my goal is modest, it is my goal, and this goal is to replace every public school computer's operating system with one that's open source and Ubuntu will make the transition very easy. Thanks Ubuntu !


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