• Sales & marketing consultancy; a special focus on the IT & Telecoms Channel

  • Rudimentary php-centric scripting abilities


  • Owner of IS NOT NULL Marketing, LLC.; a marketing list / database compilation firm; specializing in the development of Open Source products and communities as a viable (some might say superior) enterprise solution.

Resources Available

Resources include IT & Telecoms marketing database containing contact and company information for over 24,000 small IT & Telecoms Integrators, VARs, Software Developers, Consultants, etc... The database is researched and compiled via telephone, fax and web on an ongoing 6-month update cycle. ||

Wrapping this up...

  • Please contact me if I can be of any use. I use Ubuntu exclusively throughout my company and would love to be able to contribute to its continued success.

No, really... I'm almost done here

  • I would be interested in partnership opportunities involving e-marketing collaboration and resource-sharing. I'll keep browsing around to keep my finger on the pulse of the community here, but in the meantime if someone thinks of an interesting way to go about something like that I'm all ears!


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