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My name is Jordan Montgomery, I am a 15 year old Ubuntu user from Kentucky and I've been using Linux(installed) since July of 2006. I first ran into Linux back in 7th or 8th grade, and I really liked the Ubuntu LiveCD, but I didn't want to do an install because my system was horrible and the CD drive was a bit finicky. Now that I have a newer system, I have 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" running on it. I do a bit of programming and web design with C++, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and TI-Basic, but I'm not too good yet. I am on the Ubuntu-Kentucky LoCo team and I'm lovin' it. I hope to get a laptop soon, which, just like my home computer, will be strictly Ubuntu. I have used many distros, but Ubuntu has kept me hooked. As of now, the list is(in no particular order):

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community Thus Far

  • Promoting Linux at my High School
    • Installing Ubuntu on one computer, Xubuntu on another
    • Support and upkeep on the school Ubuntu computers
    • Teaching the "tech guys" to use Linux/Ubuntu
    • Handing out free CDs at school
  • Active member on Launchpad

Contributions to the Ubuntu Kentucky Team

Personal(Geeky) Goals for 2007

  • Increase usage of Ubuntu and GNU/Linux in my local community and school
  • Increase knowledge of Python and PHP
  • Increase contributions to the Ubuntu Community
  • Become more involved in the planning/organizing stages of events with my local LoCo group

  • Attend OLF 2007!
  • Get a shiny Ubuntu Membership
  • Find more local(as in, my local county) Linux/Open Source users/enthusiasts
  • Win FBLA Cyber Security National competition
  • Find better goals to accomplish


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