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    * Building qualified community  * negotiating with Royal Scientific Society to establish a [[ National Open Source Office]] which will work as a legal umbrella for Ubuntu-Jo
 * Setting up First Ubuntu Lab in Jordan University (Lab 304 IT Faculty ) Photos -> [[ 1]]
[[ 2]] [[ 3]] [[ 4]] [[ 5]] [ 6]] [[ 7]] [[ 8]] [[ 9]] [[ 10]] [[ 11]]
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= Current Focus =  = Current Focus =

Key Details

It's worth mentioning that we have decided not to be a social group but a group of qualified people to spread the word about GNU/Linux Ubuntu Distribution in many ways and places.

What we have done so far 2 3 4 5 [ 6]] 7 8 9 10 11


Our main goal is to spread the word about GNU/Linux Ubuntu Distribution therefore we are conducting FLOSS Lectures, Ubuntu Desktop Course, Installation Workshops/festivals and planning for other activities to build a qualified community such as LPI 101, 102 courses, Packaging jam, Translation How-to.

  • Spreading the word
    • LPI 101, 102 courses for the LoCo Team and the LoCo/Universities team

  • Getting them into the big community
    • Packaging Jam [ Not yet, working on it with Daniel and Cesare]
    • Translation How-to session [Not yet]
    • Researching Edubuntu and some other educational packages for schools disposal.
    • Hunting for sponsor to distribute 1000 CD a month
    • Getting Ubuntu Desktop Course next to ICDL courses in universities and institutes
    • awareness program of GNU/Linux as an alternative to computer shops and helping them to get their systems certified from Canonical. (Many computer shops load freeDos if the customer refused to pay the license because they do not know about Linux)


So far we achieved the following

  • Ubuntu Desktop Course at Jordan University
    • It was a good experience although we had to play a bit with the official materials as students weren't satisfied with it so we added three chapters from LPI 101 course to bridge the two courses together [ Linux Installation & Package Management, GNU & Unix Commands and Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard]

  • FLOSS Introductory lecture, Jordan University and Princess Sumaya University
  • Installation festival ( We will have to do workshops instead of installation festival as many students facing difficulties in getting their computers inside the university) So far we did it twice at Jordan University and Princess Sumaya University

Current Focus

  • We are focusing on University students at this phase and hopefully with the help of IEEE we will establish an OpenSource Club and/or Ubuntu Club in all universities in Jordan (Needs lots of work and resources but we are working on its plan)

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