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    * Packaging Jam [ Not yet, working on it with Daniel and Cesare]

Key Details

  • Date - Monday, April 14 2008
  • Team Contact - Jad/Hakam Madi Jad[at] Syntux [dot] net
  • Membership - 4 active core members - 20 enthusiastic in two universities - 14 registered member at launchpad

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-jo [ at ]
  • IRC - #ubuntu-Jo on Freenode


Spreading the word about GNU/Linux Ubuntu distribution


So far we achieved the following

  • Ubuntu Desktop Course at Jordan University
    • It was a good experience although we had to play a bit with the official materials as students weren't satisfied with it so we added three chapters from LPI 101 course to bridge the two courses together [ Linux Installation & Package Management, GNU &

Unix Commands and Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard]

  • FLOSS Introductory lecture, Jordan University and Princess Sumaya University
  • Installation festival ( We will have to do workshops instead of installation festival as many students facing difficulties in getting their computers inside the university) So far we did it twice at Jordan University and Princess Sumaya University

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