Hello everybody ...

¿Who am I?

My name is Juan Miguel Rodriguez Perilla, I'm from Yopal the Casanare's capital in Colombia. I'm just an enthusiast beginner in this LINUX world, I've been using (but not as principal OS neither for a long time) GNU/Linux since 2004 and Ubuntu since its 5.10 Version; but was only until its 6.10 version (in October of 2006) when I decided “evolve” and migrate completely to Kubuntu (I prefer KDE environment), actually I'm using 7.04. Although my job don't include software development or similar activity, I spell big of my free time to increase my knowledge about our O.S., and the rest of my free time in to learn to program in C++ and JAVA.

¿Which are my personal Goals?

One of my personal goals is to improve my knowledge and abilities about usage, configuration and troubleshooting of Ubuntu O.S. and Free Software in general to promote its utilization and to help people that are starting (as me) in the use of Ubuntu. Around my job: I want to involve my self in an area of my company called “torque soft” and to search the way to promote the usage of Kubuntu between the personnel of the Company and if is possible into the Company to run this “torque software” p.e.. At the same time I want to study and become and Systems Engineer.

¿What can I do for the Colombian LoCo Team?

-To be part of the team: participate in activities, projects ... -To defend, promote and fortify the use of Ubuntu and Free Software ... -To translate (Spanish<>English) documentation, files ... -To be support Installation, use and troubleshooting for common users of Kubuntu. -And to put all my effort, knowledge and optimism for the team ...

¿Which are my vision about Ubuntu?

I see Ubuntu - looking a few years at the future - as the most important free software representation, and I see Ubuntu as the most popular GNU/Linux distribution. Finally, I believe Ubuntu is the best choice in Operating Systems.

¿Where can u contact me?

email: juanbox4@gmail.com

jabber: juanbox4@jabber.com skype: juanbox4


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