Juan Guerrero

Email: <ryoma.nagare@gmail.com>

About Me

My name is Juan V. Guerrero I work for a telco company in Panama City Panama, my everyday work involves software development for the Unix platform, I've been involved with software development since 1992.


I've worked with the following programming languages C/C++, JAVA, PHP, Mono/C#, a little python and shell (bash) scripting. The language I love the most is C. Gtk+/Gtk#/GNOME application programming. Client/Server apps with sockets and and web (HTTP protocol) interfacing. At work one of my biggest projects was to develop a tool to store all our telco network devices (switches, routers, sensors, etc.) configurations in a huge database with support for versioning and a dual GUI (Gtk+/Web) administration console as well this interface should be able to deploy a previusly saved configutration version to the equipment safely. I'm also involved with the VoIP world but not yet as a developer.


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