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||||<tablestyle="float:right; font-size: 0.9em; width:40%; background:#F1F1DD; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" style="padding:0.5em;"> '''Contents''' ||
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||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Member of:'''||||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Launchpad'''||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Suscribed to:'''|| ||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Member of:'''||||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Launchpad'''||<#F1F1DD:(>'''Contact:'''||
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= I'm Working on =

About me

I am Julían Alarcón, an student of Systems Engineering from the [http://www.unal.edu.co Universidad Nacional de Colombia], in Bogotá, Colombia.

Contact Information




Memberships in Ubuntu

Memberships "in house"

Member of:



EIDOS Student Group from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

[http://dis.unal.edu.co/eidos/ Site]

Development of free software and spreading of free software inside the university community

GNU/Linux group form the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

[http://linux.unal.edu.co Site]

GNU/Linux group with main place in the Faculty of Engineering, we have a full Linux class room!!

I'm Working on

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